Saturday, March 28, 2009


It's MY day today! Nothin much's happenin as Mom thinks I'm (We, rather) almost the luckiest bitch on Earth havin organic foods daily already. Today makes me 4 btw.

Dad had been surfin the net for awhile & found a really really cute & cool designer cushion. So they reckoned they'd get it for ME (since i LOVE to lie on any softy places & make it my own BIRD'S-NEST!)? It's designed by a Jap artist - Takashi Murakami, who's also famous for his collaborations with LV in 2003.

The sizes available are 30cm, 60cm, 1m & 2m. They've gotten me the 60cm @ 14,000 Yen (excludin 3500 Yen shippin fees). The pix below shows the exact size (60cm) I'll be getting!!

2metres flower (approx. 120,000 Yen) @ a balcony! [pix courtesy of honeyee]

I can turn it to either side dependin on my daily mood!

I can't wait for my Happy-Face-FLOWER to arrive! There's also 1 that looks like Durn! But too bad she ain't gettin it!!! I think they got me the above because my lovely face reminds them of this happy beamy lookin flower!

See... juz like Durn durn! blackie-face flower! =p

This is another pressie I've received from Muffin. Thank you!

Signin off,
Happy-face-flower Bird