Thursday, February 9, 2012

Male Tuxedo Cat's Neuter

He's Ginger Cat's boyfriend by the way. Mom says he's not a friendly cat at all unlike the rest & gotta be very cautious while touching him.

They took a whole hour to catch him & it was a huge struggle comin' from him that he got tired & finally half-surrendered. He's very smart because Dad caught him once before by luring him into the crate with food but later gotta release him when they spotted a pregnant cat that needed the surgery slot more urgently than he did. Hence, the 2nd capture was of cuz not gonna be an easy feat at all.

from previous post... tryin to ''rape'' her right after her surgery then

08092012 all hell will break loose once the door's opened

09022012 all done! byebye handsome!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pregnant Cat (from 2nd group)

Another pregnant kitty found... totally by chance on 29012012. Mom & Dad had already caught the black&white male & were all ready to go off till Dad spotted another group (actually a pair of sisters) at the other end of the carpark. Most probably related to the previous group because of the colors & markings. One of them was super friendly & pregnant as well, so the obvious choice was to release the black&white male & get this pregnant one to be spayed (& abort her kits) the very next day.


not very heavily pregnant as yet

30012012... and the surgeries were done...

super alert right away!

released on 31012012

byebye! and please persuade ur sister to come with us to be spayed!