Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Our Bath Sessions is once every 3 to 4 weeks. Becuz that way, its better for our skin & coat. & no we do not stink, & we get our walks daily etc etc...

Today's shower was special. Why? Because Mom bought & as well as came up with new stuffs to use on us. I gotta admit I was sooo NOT used to the new aroma on me!!

it is a hoo-man soap made in India - Chandrika (click to see its ingredients)

this is how it looks like. a hoo-man's typical bar of soap

Next up, Mom concocted a very very SPECIAL pawfecto organic 'leave-in conditioner' for us.

500 ml for ME alone... Cotton's not done up yet. it's awiz ME FIRST!

[M: it's awiz u 1st becuz ur easier ;p erm, it is not very very special lol. It's juz made up of several organic herbs & flowers combined. This 'leave-in conditioner' not only helps with the skin & coat, but also @ the same time, helps keep away bugs bugs like ticks. Wayyyy safer & natural than commercial stuffs like F****L*** etc etc.]

Lemme tell u a secret, I even felt like lickin the entire thing up!!! yipz dat was how goodie it smelled! nothin escapes my powerful nosie! We've never used any conditioners for as long as I can remember. This is the only 'conditioner' Mom is willin to pour all over on us! because it's organic & very healthy! Check out here for more reviews/results etc...

see how happy Mom was... she even took some pix while soapin me up!!

this is me adjustin to the new 'aroma' (as you can see frm my face)

After rinsin off the soap, Mom soaked my slim leggie into the 'condi' 1st

then. its poured all over me!

After that, its juz basically poured allllll over my body w/o further rinse... everywhere. & then, Mom towel-dried me & offfff to the nasty fur-dryer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[M: for those pooches who loves chewin their paws day in day out, maybe you'd wanna check out Scuba's blog, check out what stuffs his Mom made for him to counter his bad lickin habit. or rather, his itchy paws. Hope it'll be useful for those of u with itchy paws. quick! ask ur mommies & daddies to check the Scuba's blog out! Please also note, the organic 'conditioner' I came up for the gals, is totally different from Scuba's, which is a tea concoction ;) ]

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