Sunday, November 18, 2007

Our Water Fountain!!!

Tonight, we saw a big big huge thing Mom carried in..... I tot it was a thing for us to pee pee in. But then, Mom proceeded onto washin that thing... why would she wash it if it were for my pee pee?

So apprently, it wasn't................ It's for us to drink drink from it. Our fountain is filled up with Diamond Water.

Read more bout it @: DRINKWELL PET FOUNTAIN

It looks bit scary.........i dunno when i'll get used to drinkin from there......... its like a big home-waterfall.

(M: Because stagnant water tends to have build-ups of bacteria, this is a better choice as water is always bein filtered constantly, providin fresh & coolin water. Yes, I even drank from it myself. Altho' we were already usin filtered water (on their yogi bowl) before. This holds bout 8litres of water in the "reservoir" @ the back. Thus, I'd only need to refill water prolly like once every week or so. & no, I didn't import it, I got it thru a friend... who sold it to me @ a much cheaper price..... Ok, i've gotta go teach the bitches how to drink from it now... ;p )

Cleanin Kit Accessories

filters packs

Another good water fountain is Dogit (for large dogs)

Update (2011) :
Our Drinkwell fountain's still working very well after four years.


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