Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Some Random Pix

Some random pix taken quite awhile back with mom's h/p.

MY poo poo! with er... mom's ear stud in it! WAHAHAHA! YES I ATE IT!

gentle Giant Flemish Rabbit! CUTE! Reminds me of Sunshade's Georgie!

it can weigh up to 5kg or more! M says its like carryin Cotton or me!

can a magician stuff this bunny into his tall black hat? ;p

styled by M! inspired by ancient Wushu Swordsman ;p

she's sooo happy wit this new style! SO SILLY!!!!

Gucci shades. inspired by a rock band

a fine way to cover her stained face i muz say! ;p ;p ;p


zapped. black & white.

off to EAT now! YEY! im famished! Oh, oh btw, we'll be poppin by Pawtobello Cafe again this weekend with cutie Muffin! YIPPIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Definitely more pix to come!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Testin 123 M's New Cam!

YES YES YES! M bought a Canon Powershot S3 IS! Here's some test pix she took of us in action @ home!

(M: she loves doin that for fun wheneva we irritate her on purpose. But she'll NEVER bite. She awiz ends up lickin our faces instead!)

our over-exposed-always-confused Cot-Cot Ton-Ton!
yes this' our biggy sista!

we've a rectangular face (Me), circular face (Cotton), & a triangular face (Lauryn)!
Haha that's bout all for now. More pix to come...

Signin off,
3 cutie pies

Sunday, June 17, 2007


M brought us to a new dog cum human cafe - Pawtobello. Met up wit Muffin the 4 mths old MS & Chester the Corgi! We arrived 1st & service was excellento! We were served bowls of water each the moment we stepped in & decided on a table! Many many doggies of all shapes..sizes..colors n breeds too!

see..all shapes, sizes, breeds & colors! a bald MS, tiny mini pin & white fluffy thing

a cool gigantic 22mths old St. Bernard!

catcha glimpse of chester's foxy tail!

can't believe i sniffed dat. wasn't in the right state of mind with all the goin-ons in there

a teeny weeny mini pin bite bite cotton's fur! im sure dat furball felt nothin

..grrrrrrr.. look how TINY he is!!!

hide & seek?

yes cotton's lead was in his mouth! he was tryin to walk cotton!

David & Goliathe ain't gettin enuf of each other

a handsome wire fox terrier, a PRT & ME!!!!

my M admires this breed too...

chester kiss kiss..while cotton sniffs sniffs!

trio sniffin!

cotton ball n er... i've no idea who

that's Muffin with a maltese!

muffin, cotton, me, me, me!

ain't really camera friendly, aren't we?

perhaps the closest to nicest pic of us???

im all set & rdy to dine!!! GIMMIE FOOD!


ok i guess so...

...i stared... @ latte...

...& decided on a... strawberry milkshake instead!!

bee-eaut-ti-ful place ain't it? 33 Mohd Sultan Rd

geez... im all tired frm those runnins...chasins...etc etc. opps btw..90% of pix above r courtesy of Muffin's M! our camera...sad to say... is overpriced... with a super duper pooor shutter speed! Plz get a new cam... (M: yes...i noe..stoppit) all shagged out...

peace out!!! ;p

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Corgi Chester!

Am gonna blog bout the most cutie cutie corgi me have eva seen!!! Chester's a 4 mths old Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy!! & trust me when I say he ish sooooo handsome & cute!!! I luv luv him...but he seems to luv luv Cotton more!!! Am i losin my magic touch????????? charm???

handsome boy

fast as lightnin

he was aimin MY treats!

he chased after cotton! totally ignorin me!

still at it???? & so i save my dignity n walked away

he chose the white one again!

i told him i was PISSED!!! he got so scared...

...he hide hide under her!!!!!!!

they played jump jump game?!??!! WITHOUT ME! im juz a sad bystander

tried to stop him frm kissin her!!! argh!

sigh, its like a love triangle thing goin on here...

c dat moron...jumpin for love *rolls eyes* *walks away*

er...ish the white freak tryin to discipline Chester? *piak*? that bitch!

sigh...well, u saw for ur very own eyes how badly I was bein' IGNORED today?!?!?!