Monday, September 16, 2013

Cherimoya Turns 6 Months Young

Yup... my lil' Cherimoya turns 6 months young today! So Mom as usually gotta grab her out for a few shots haha!

And Dad just gotta say... ''trolley again?''. And Mom went pffttt... no, just some normal shots.

So Dad had Cherimoya in a bottle LOL. Don't worry... no animals were harmed being in the huge 1L bottle. Huge enough for a hamster.

hamster in a bottle, anyone? comes with a free organic pumpkin seed


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Visiting Mochi!

We were left alone while Mom took both hammies out! Hmph! I wish she brought me along (not cotton!) too because I LOVEEEEE tiny tiny lil' animals.

But since she brought back pix for me to ogle at... all is well. Mom says Mochi is adopted yesterday by her friend. She's around 7 months young, a month older than Cherimoya, but sooooo much bigger! (or fatter lol)

Grandma Honey's bigger than Cherimoya by 10g (but feels alot heavier on hand lol), and Mochi is bigger than Honey by....... Mom's guess is quite alot lol. But not the biggest she has carried so far at 260g (two of Cherimoya).

Mom's a lil' (no, make that alot) gaga over calico syrians now so that's why they're flooding MY blog! Not that I mind much since they're so so so cute and I could watch them all day long. But Mom better not forget me - the co-owner of this blog!

mochi nommming!

fresh organic greens

L to R: Mochi, Cherimoya and Grandma Honey

Mochi staying pretty for the cam

Mochi sniffing Grandma Honey


pretty face...

Friday, September 6, 2013

Cherimoya's Color Change

How much Cherimoya has changed in her coat! Maybe Mom is a bit of a mountain-turtle because this is her 2nd syrian hamster since about 18 years ago. Her first was a golden syrian hamster given by her primary school teacher. According to Mom's mom, that golden hamster lived for about 5 years. Not sure if she remembered correctly cuz the oldest syrian hamster in the world was recorded to be 7.5 yo, although their typical average age is about 2 to 3 years.

Mom hopes that they can live longer healthier lives by feeding them a 100% fresh organic raw vegan diet. Cherimoya grew up on that diet since 26 days young. She's able to eat tonnes of organic lettuce and other assorted organic veg with perfect poop. Most ppl advice against feeding lettuce because they can die from it. But Cherimoya takes very well to it and its one of her fav. veg.

Honey on the other hand needs time for her transition since she came to us at 1.5 years of age and is used to eating commercial hamster feed more than organic fresh raw greens. Hopefully Mom will be able to wean her off commercial hamster feed completely.

For now, Mom can't stop repeating how beautiful and lovely Cherimoya really is lol. And of cuz with her Grandma Honey too. For without Honey, there would be no Cherimoya! haha

See how she's changed over 6 months! She's gonna turn 6 months young on the 16th.

Two Gorgeous Calico Syrian Hamsters

Now Mom is more busy with having to update not only this blog, but also her facebook and instagram! Yes... Mom and Dad are hooked on instagram now, though rather late... but better late than never! So follow their instagram if you wish to see updated pix! ID: naturalpawpals

More pictures of Cherimoya and Grandma Honey today! Don't they look more like twins rather than Grandma and Grand-daughter??

Mom was so paranoid that they would attack one another so her hand was always in the pix ready to grab one of them away should they get too close for comfort. Syrians are solitary animals and Grandma Honey is already 1.5 years young while Cherimoya is turning 6 months young... so Mom doesn't want to risk anything. Dad was the one holding the camera today and he was so pissed always saying to Mom, ''oui! your hand is faster than hamster! how to take!!''

Hahahah!!! Mom couldn't stop laughing.

There was one particular shot that Mom loved so much if not for her hand! Scroll below.

Cherimoya in trolley. Look at Grandma Honey's face!

pretty moya-ya posing!

moya's a worm! haha!

2 worms!

Mom thinks Cherimoya's the
prettiest syrian, EVER!

Grandma Honey Brownie!

THIS is the perfect shot if not for Mom's hand! =[


Honey chasing Cherimoya

Grand-daugher chasing Grandma

pretty cherimoya grooming! loook at that
gorgeous coat of an
organic raw-fed vegan syrian hamster!

pretty girl!

nom nom nom. organic pumpkin seeds

organic veg

another perfect shot


Monday, September 2, 2013

Adoption of Cherimoya's Grandma - Honey Brownie!

Today is one of Mom's happiest days because the breeder offered Mom to adopt Cherimoya's maternal grandmother - Honey Brownie! Honey is born on 30 March 2012 (my birthday is 28 March 2005 haha) and is about 1 year 5 months now and a retired syrian after having 2 litters. But sadly, all of her pups in her 2nd litter were culled =(

So Mom brought Cherimoya over to the breeder's as well to let her have a look. When Cherimoya was young, she wasn't like her Grandma's color at all (see older posts of Cherimoya's pup pix). She was of a much lighter shade of orange, more like brown, while Honey's coat is of a rich and vibrant orange tone. Mom loved Honey's color and wished she could adopt her back then in March. But she was not up for adoption so Mom settled for a 26 days young Cherimoya.

Little did they know that Cherimoya has grown up to be a carbon copy of her grandma Honey! Just like twins! Honey is a lil' bigger than Cherimoya though. Cherimoya is about 132g while Honey is about 142g. Just a mere 10g difference but it can be felt just by carrying them.

Some pix that Mom took at the breeder's place! You can see for yourself how alike they are! Both inside out actually. Very very super tame (can scoop them up even in their sleep) and super beautiful.


Cherimoya's mother!

Cherimoya's father! Prince!

just one of the breeder's 30 syrians

beautiful boy!

golden syrian aka golden hamster

this is Cheri! Cherimoya's younger step-sister (same dad different mom)

So pretty!!

neat housing. syrians need to be housed individually

at home! Cherimoya on hand and Honey in tank

the 3 pretty calicos with me!

Some outdated pix of Cherimoya from 26 Aug 2013, Mom will just squeeze them in here!

stuck in her log lol

''no help??''

cat eyeing dog eyeing hamster. the darn cat
slapped actually slapped my head after Mom took this!

so so so pretty