Friday, September 6, 2013

Cherimoya's Color Change

How much Cherimoya has changed in her coat! Maybe Mom is a bit of a mountain-turtle because this is her 2nd syrian hamster since about 18 years ago. Her first was a golden syrian hamster given by her primary school teacher. According to Mom's mom, that golden hamster lived for about 5 years. Not sure if she remembered correctly cuz the oldest syrian hamster in the world was recorded to be 7.5 yo, although their typical average age is about 2 to 3 years.

Mom hopes that they can live longer healthier lives by feeding them a 100% fresh organic raw vegan diet. Cherimoya grew up on that diet since 26 days young. She's able to eat tonnes of organic lettuce and other assorted organic veg with perfect poop. Most ppl advice against feeding lettuce because they can die from it. But Cherimoya takes very well to it and its one of her fav. veg.

Honey on the other hand needs time for her transition since she came to us at 1.5 years of age and is used to eating commercial hamster feed more than organic fresh raw greens. Hopefully Mom will be able to wean her off commercial hamster feed completely.

For now, Mom can't stop repeating how beautiful and lovely Cherimoya really is lol. And of cuz with her Grandma Honey too. For without Honey, there would be no Cherimoya! haha

See how she's changed over 6 months! She's gonna turn 6 months young on the 16th.

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