Friday, September 6, 2013

Two Gorgeous Calico Syrian Hamsters

Now Mom is more busy with having to update not only this blog, but also her facebook and instagram! Yes... Mom and Dad are hooked on instagram now, though rather late... but better late than never! So follow their instagram if you wish to see updated pix! ID: naturalpawpals

More pictures of Cherimoya and Grandma Honey today! Don't they look more like twins rather than Grandma and Grand-daughter??

Mom was so paranoid that they would attack one another so her hand was always in the pix ready to grab one of them away should they get too close for comfort. Syrians are solitary animals and Grandma Honey is already 1.5 years young while Cherimoya is turning 6 months young... so Mom doesn't want to risk anything. Dad was the one holding the camera today and he was so pissed always saying to Mom, ''oui! your hand is faster than hamster! how to take!!''

Hahahah!!! Mom couldn't stop laughing.

There was one particular shot that Mom loved so much if not for her hand! Scroll below.

Cherimoya in trolley. Look at Grandma Honey's face!

pretty moya-ya posing!

moya's a worm! haha!

2 worms!

Mom thinks Cherimoya's the
prettiest syrian, EVER!

Grandma Honey Brownie!

THIS is the perfect shot if not for Mom's hand! =[


Honey chasing Cherimoya

Grand-daugher chasing Grandma

pretty cherimoya grooming! loook at that
gorgeous coat of an
organic raw-fed vegan syrian hamster!

pretty girl!

nom nom nom. organic pumpkin seeds

organic veg

another perfect shot


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