Monday, September 2, 2013

Adoption of Cherimoya's Grandma - Honey Brownie!

Today is one of Mom's happiest days because the breeder offered Mom to adopt Cherimoya's maternal grandmother - Honey Brownie! Honey is born on 30 March 2012 (my birthday is 28 March 2005 haha) and is about 1 year 5 months now and a retired syrian after having 2 litters. But sadly, all of her pups in her 2nd litter were culled =(

So Mom brought Cherimoya over to the breeder's as well to let her have a look. When Cherimoya was young, she wasn't like her Grandma's color at all (see older posts of Cherimoya's pup pix). She was of a much lighter shade of orange, more like brown, while Honey's coat is of a rich and vibrant orange tone. Mom loved Honey's color and wished she could adopt her back then in March. But she was not up for adoption so Mom settled for a 26 days young Cherimoya.

Little did they know that Cherimoya has grown up to be a carbon copy of her grandma Honey! Just like twins! Honey is a lil' bigger than Cherimoya though. Cherimoya is about 132g while Honey is about 142g. Just a mere 10g difference but it can be felt just by carrying them.

Some pix that Mom took at the breeder's place! You can see for yourself how alike they are! Both inside out actually. Very very super tame (can scoop them up even in their sleep) and super beautiful.


Cherimoya's mother!

Cherimoya's father! Prince!

just one of the breeder's 30 syrians

beautiful boy!

golden syrian aka golden hamster

this is Cheri! Cherimoya's younger step-sister (same dad different mom)

So pretty!!

neat housing. syrians need to be housed individually

at home! Cherimoya on hand and Honey in tank

the 3 pretty calicos with me!

Some outdated pix of Cherimoya from 26 Aug 2013, Mom will just squeeze them in here!

stuck in her log lol

''no help??''

cat eyeing dog eyeing hamster. the darn cat
slapped actually slapped my head after Mom took this!

so so so pretty

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