Wednesday, April 30, 2008

30 04 08

Finally, my blog has reached a whoppin 10,000 Visitors on the last day of April '08!


Friday, April 11, 2008

Paper-Cut of Bobby & Mugen

Its Paper-cuttin time again! This time, Dad did 2 Mini Schnauzers - Bobby & Mugen! They're Aunty Y's boys... He did it specially for her as a gift! (Mom: p/s: ppl who're interested to purchase customized Paper-cuts, drawins, or paintins for their dogs/pets, plz leave ur email/contact no. here.)


The above paper-cut is a 'skeleton' version. The details on the background texture resembles "woodgrain".

close-up details of background

M is for Mugen!

The above paper-cut is a 'colored-version'. This is an exploration of Paper Textures (Distressed Paper).

Close-up details of Distressed Paper as fur

Watch this space for more Dog-Art!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I'm featured! Mom was surfin' around many many days back & stumbled upon this:


that was me impersonatin a hare @ the beach! Can't believe I forgot to post this up til today & @ this hour especially. But then again..... as the sayin' goes............ 'better late than never!'

lovely nite to ya'll!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Paper-Cut Me! A Service for u?

After the drawins of ME & Datou, Dad has decided to Paper-Cut Me!! I look alive on the paper?? I somehow saw my double on a piece of paper!!

What is Paper-cuttin u ask? Read Here

Here's also some cool Paper-Cuttin Artists' Designs! I think Dad wants to be like 'em...

ok here goes!
thats' (unfinished) me! Prototype me. next to me is a Feathered Saluki! I've nv met 1 b4 tho'!

dis is the pix of ME Dad chose to work on. More over Here

this is to prove that it IS a Paper-Cut. Not juz a drawin usin black marker

2nd Cut of me on the right! Positive & Negative! Can u tell the difference? Which do you prefer? Black outline with white paper, or white details with white paper?

To prove it is NOT usin a white marker over a black paper

Which do u guys think is nicer? Postive or Negative? Would you like to see ur double on a piece of paper? Dad is providin this Paper-Cuttin service! to all animals! Doggies... kitties... piggies... etc etc!! Do leave a msg n an email if you'd like one too! The prices can be discussed ;)

For dogs wit colors other than Black/White, eg tan, red, blue, apricot, etc, colored papers will be pasted as background for a particular area (eg, pink paper will be pasted as background for the pinkish ears etc). If you'd like a black & white piece, it'd be like the above pix...

Papercuts can be framed up too for wall decorations.

I love seein myself on papers!

Woofies to all!

Velvet the mighty bitch

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spark the Silky

Spark, the Silky Terrier Bitch is here for boardin. We're not allowed to play with her... as Our Play might be a lil' too rough for her. Accordin to her owner, she's 8 yrs old & can't really walk much... nor can she chew much, thus, she's on canned dog foods (which her owner provided) & doesn't need any daily walks. She's also on heat now! There's like drops of blood all around...

But... but... my sister Lauryn (the tiny CHH), is 7 yrs old! & we're still allowed to play rough with her... she will play rough with Cotton too - by barkin fur-rociously @ her when Cotton gets too irritatin!! So... I really really really don't understand why we're not allowed to play with Spark!

She's so cute & silent! why can't I play play wit her???

see.. Spark is hungry...

Spark can't finish her food! oooo how i wish i can eat it!

But Mommy says NoNo to doggy foods for us... we're only allowed to have Raw Human Foods. But but... I thought we shouldn't waste foods!!!

Licky licks to Spark, hope u hav a gr8 stay here!