Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Mom took me for a studio shoot!! It was a contest shoot for...

yes...courtesy of themen@work & Clubpets magazine

Accordin to mom, I was pretty uncoorperative there. She kept askin me to 'sit' & 'down' for the photographer!! I couldn't!! I simply had to check the whole place out!! I wasn't done!! (mom: u & ur 101 excuses!)

Anyways, I think I did pretty well! Mom chose 5 other pics (excludin) the one to submit for the contest. The pic to be submitted will be a complimentary 5R print for ME! For the rest...well, mom had to PAY for them LOL!! (mom: u meany)

on Grandpa's friend's cabbie!

y do u have to snap every single thing???

(Contest Shot) This is the shot to be submitted for the contest (photographer said I had "eye contact" here)

1) (mom: I love this one dun ask me y. There's some 'air' bout her here ;p)




5) (mom: another one of my favs!! its a pity the photographer said she had no 'eye contact' in this shot.)

I saw 14 other contestants' shots b4 mine (btw, I overheard the photographer mentionin that he's expectin a total of 40-50 contestants). They were superb! I honestly don't think I stand a chance of winnin. Darn! I shouldn't have monkeyed around too much durin the shoot (mom: too late for regrets now, woman! *smirks*).

honestly, do u peeps even think im capable of winnin?????????? hmm...

But its ok mom! It was for the experience, fun, joy & laughter! hahaha.

Enjoy my beeeee-euuu-ti-ful pix fellas! I gotta go get my foodies now!! ciaoz!

Queen Vel


Oscar Airedale said...

Wow, you look soooooooooooo pretty Velvet! If I was the judge you'd definitely win.

Oscar x

benviv said...

Haha Vel actually looks guai for once... so totally unlike the naughty gal who heads for the bed first whenever she's in my room!

vel said...

hey oscar! *licks* seriously?? u flatter me! u noe wat my horrible mom said??? dat i've absolutely ZERO chances of winnin!!(mom: blabla blahz..)

benviv: hee! guai?? ahahahah. so notti even durin the shoot. kept wantin to explore the entire doggy scented place.

vern the great said...

you're so photogenic...and your mother is so psycho...

i think the 4th shot of you is good...there is gentleness in the eyes and an overall aura of gd character :)

gd luck ;P

jadey- said...

eh hello woman! im nt the psycho one ok! who's the psycho one SPYIN on PHARM GUY everydae??? WAHAHAH

the close up pix huh. yah nt bad too i feel. but a lil' hunched lahz.