Sunday, July 29, 2007

To Oscar, the vibrant & happy Airedale Terrier (28/05/06 - 28/07/07)

Oscar, u'll be dearly missed by all =...(

We're deeply saddened & shocked by Oscar's sudden departure @ his blog. This wonderful Airedale, so full of life & zest...had to go @ sucha tender age.

Altho' we never got to meet him personally, his silly antics always nv fail to amuse us. We especially love watchin him chew his entire egg (which we so obviously can't). It's really heart-breakin that he shld leave his dad n mom so suddenly.

Sunshade, made a really touchin tribute to him. So much so, that it made us weep.

Oscar, in doggyland.

U'll awiz be missed & remembered by all ur fwens arnd the world who know u, or like us, who got to noe u by readin bout ur wonderful life daily...

Vel & gals

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Many Myths of Raw Feedin

M came across this interstin read bout the many Myths of Raw Feedin for us canines while surfin. She tinks its a rather gd & interestin read, for both pro or anti-BARFers. Lots of adaptations from the book "Raw Meaty Bones", which M has already got her SIL to geddit for her in the States.

Happy readin everyone! Pro-BARF or Anti-BARF... YOU decide.

No...ur hoo-mans decide! ;p

One of MY fav. parts of the read:


This is MOSTLY false. The only truth found in this statement is that humans have changed dogs. BUT, we have only changed their external appearance and temperament, NOT their internal anatomy and physiology. The claim that dogs can't handle a raw diet because they are so domesticated is only true in that we have been feeding them commercial diets for so long that a dog's system is not running up to par. The result of feeding dogs a highly processed, grain-based food is a suppressed immune system and the underproduction of the enzymes necessary to thoroughly digest raw meaty bones.

Additionally, dogs and wolves share 99.8% of their mitochondrial DNA.

"The domestic dog is an extremely close relative of the gray wolf, differing from it by at most 0.2% of mDNA sequence..." (Robert K. Wayne, Ph.D)


One other concept of balance that should be addressed is the idea perpetuated by the pet food companies: "Dogs need complete and balanced nutrition in every meal." This is nothing but lies. This is not how the canine body--or any other body--operates! Take your own diet, for example. Do you eat a complete and balanced meal every time you eat? No! You eat a variety of foods over a period of time, and yet your body generally does very well and exhibits no signs of nutritional deficiencies.

This is where the concept of "balance over time" comes in. This is the principle nearly every living being follows in regards to nutrition. Nutritional needs are met over a period of time, and balance is achieved through time as the animal eats what it needs at the time it needs it or whenever it can get it.

Dogs do not need balance at every single meal; their bodies were not designed to function that way and cannot function at optimal levels when fed that way. When feeding your carnivore a raw diet, remember the principle of balance over time.

p/s: do try to read ALL of it. Esp. the sections on vets & canine lifespan. Might be an eye-opener for some... but MY smartie M knew these long ago. Just that its pretty hard to convince MANY other hoo-mans out there...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oxtail Bones Day

M bought us 2 Oxtail Bones aka Beef Tail Bones to chew on as she had to bathe us today anyways. It's a PRIVILEGE to get all dirty!

We took an incredible 2.5hrs to finish it!!! After dat, it was followed by raw eggs..& some chicken wing tips + few pieces of chic breasts + some pieces of beef.

Boy, r our jaws tired frm all those chewins! Yes u guessed it, we had em in the bathrm! cuz cotton has a tendency to carry her stuffs either to the couch in the livin rm..or to M's rm.

oh the original vid was too large to b uploaded into anywhere! thus, M took the vid on comp wit her h/p! which explains y its so blurred!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Poloroid Night Shots

These shots were taken @ night @ a park. bout 8pm.

i saw a cat. seriously.

seriously aimin the cat

beautiful poser!

(M: loves this pic of her, & the above as well. loves it!)

I overheard M sayin these films sure ain't cheap! Thus, we can't take too much...unlike a digi cam!

signin off,

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Poloroid Day

Poloroid Sun 600 (1983 Version)

Dad got this vintage Poloroid cam today for only S$40! Some tested pix of us!

Cotton in her "sit-up" position waitin for her dehydrated prawns treats!

she was curious bout the sound of the cam!


treats plz!

Backdated edited pix of cotton doin her "sit-up"!

We were supposed to try the Poloroid cam outdoor too. But too bad, it rained! tsk tsk tsk...

til the next surge...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Some Cool New Stuffs!

Check out pix of some cool new stuffs M dehydrated for us today!!! Prawns & Sotong!!!!!

oooooh *slurps* I've nv eva tried Sotong b4! Prawns..definitely in their raw forms... but they definitely smell more heavenly when dried!

*yummy* *yummy*

Velvet out!
*to grab MY share b4 they all run out*

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Our Kinds

Some backdated pix of Cotton's kind & MY kind!

This Bichon Frise, Snowy, had to be shaven down completely due to her amount of matts! She's quite a wonderful gal accordin to M...very obedient & was ultra happy to shower! Prolly due to the really warm climate these days & her matts forbiddin her skin to "breathe" properly.

Snowy's badly matted fur - right to the skin. With ticks

she's cute ain't she?

It came off chunks by chunks all connected



well, not the desirable look for a Bichon, but nontheless a much cleaner Snowy!

Snowy's 2 "sisters", 2 Mini Schnauzers, Sunshine & Rain came too

Sunshine! Before look

M spent 30mins trimmin her nails. she erm...created quite a scene with her phobia of nail trimmin LOL.

Rain, the pretty white MS! who loves showerin too! M need nt close the door while showerin her. she juz stays so still!

Poor M spent a full 1.5hrs demattin her! she was a darl..very gd endurance...

2 very happy gals! ooooh its a pity they're gals! Rain looks...looks..handsome..

Can u guess who's older? Who's the follower? Hiak Hiak

this erm...EXTRA..insisted that I put up her pix as an ENDNOTE!
[juz ignore her]

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

D.T's After-Groom Test Shots

Some cute pix of D.T which M tried out wit her cam after groomin him...wit DT's M guidin her thru it of cuz.

my darlin sista! beautiful shot by DT's M!

DT sniffin arnd after he's groomed

somethin M tried out... a blurred background

awwwww...look @ dat face!

im no longer dat into him...since he's already neutered ;p

stalkin a prey
molestin the cotton


awiz on the look-out for his Mommy dearest! Mommy's Boy!

time for Mommy's Boy to get stuffed into his carrier! hm swit hm...

Dats all for today. We've some back-dated pix waitin to be uploaded....soon.....

Sunday, July 1, 2007

@ Pawtobello again

some pix to share @ Pawtobello's again. this time, i met many many new friends! my fav - BIRDS!! mom's online fwen (Muffin) brought along her birds, & her other fwens brought other big big nice nice birds for me to play! there were 2 cuckatoos, a white one & a pink one. 2 lovebirds - my fav! & a er...i forgot the breed again!!!!!

eva wondered y its called PAWtobello? mayb the owner grew up @ PORTobello Rd?

Hiccups the pink cuckatoo!! he imitates humans coughin sounds etc!

aimin the fry...

...eatin it wit his leg!!

here's Nico the beautiful white talkative cuckatoo wit her owner!


"ni hao ma" (how are you) was his tagline for the day. an ultra-courteous bird!

ME wit the 2 lovely LOVIES!!! Shleifer whom i was tryin to sniff & Mom's fav. orange-faced TWINKLE!!!

pardon the many hands!!

here's Dating!

i love twinkle twinkle!

i begged them for twinkle by jumpin up n down!

cotton too!!

met 2 of our fwens - Ton Ton (below) & Datou

like a chihuahua's day out wit like 5 or 6 there! long & smooth coats!

Nico wit a very cute goldie!

im happy

yes i really am!! *squints*

me bac hm, again eatin a piece of dehydrated fish treat - suan chim
cotton munchin on her dehydrated kuning fishie! in fact, we love kuning more

ooh i so love our treats! u can view some of the fishies & other treats HERE