Wednesday, July 4, 2007

D.T's After-Groom Test Shots

Some cute pix of D.T which M tried out wit her cam after groomin him...wit DT's M guidin her thru it of cuz.

my darlin sista! beautiful shot by DT's M!

DT sniffin arnd after he's groomed

somethin M tried out... a blurred background

awwwww...look @ dat face!

im no longer dat into him...since he's already neutered ;p

stalkin a prey
molestin the cotton


awiz on the look-out for his Mommy dearest! Mommy's Boy!

time for Mommy's Boy to get stuffed into his carrier! hm swit hm...

Dats all for today. We've some back-dated pix waitin to be uploaded....soon.....

1 comment:

The Airechicks said...

Velvet & Cotton:

DT looks like a very nice boy...a little short for us.....

He's very handsome with his new short look...