Saturday, May 26, 2007

Brief update

Juz some stuffs on what went on today...

QQ (maltese), Kefi (toy poodle) & Junior (jack russell) came for a groomin session today. Some pix of 'em...

Junior waitin for his turn patiently hiak hiak

Catch me if u can!

Kefi (Before)

Kefi (After) in Teddy Bear Clip

Treats for us...???

We'll be gd!

*BLEAH* :p

Cldn't get much pix of us as M was bz... God, my legs r really tired... dats it for now.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Truth Behind Food Compositions in Dry Kibbles!

Hmm... just to share wit u peeps this article (live interview wit Dr. Lisa Newman, founder of Azmira Kibbles). Basically, M was more interested in her revealin the food compositions of dry kibbles, what actually goes into them & how much of it is "good".

Personally for me, I can't agree more on the part where Dr. Newman stated dat its vital for us poochies to receive quality foods as it'll in turn affect our digestive system, thus, causin "allergies" due to retained toxins inside. In this case, I'M SO GLAD MY MOM PUTS US ON A B.A.R.F. DIET! instead of all those kibbles whereby we do not noe wat exactly goes in there. & guess wat? We've never had any (skin/food) allergies wat not so far. For me, I've never had a single Schnauzer Bump eva since I was borned. Yipz so dat kinda says it all for us BARFers.

here u go peeps! a whoopin 27 wordy pages! HURRY, PESTER UR MOMS & DADS TO READ IT!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Cutie Pie

I simply had to post some pix of a very beautiful White Miniature Schnauzer named Ton Ton! Isn't he handsome??? Too bad we couldn't play wit him today. M had to groom him while his Mom & Dad went for a movie.

soooo sweeeeet...

look @ his intense look! YES u guessed it! he had his eyes fixed on ME!

I begged M to let him down for ME! "No, no" was the reply.

(M: u were dirty. I couldn't hav u prowlin all over him after he's all cleaned & rdy awaitin his papa & mama)

Oh yea. Off to the bathrm WE went too after Ton Ton's gone. ;..(

Sad Me signin off...

Ragin' hormones

Some updated pix (dated 01052007). Datou (DT) came for a groom. Boy did we have fun wit him!!! It was also...the day before he got NEUTERED. Yes...I had to HAVE him... watch what i mean later...

really bored me while mom grooms DT

so... i decided to prey on our dearest Cotton!!!

*chews her leg*

*chews her fur*

*whispers in her ear for the next pose*


DT comes FOR ME after his groom

oooh its sooo much fun playin wit an un-neutered male!!!

no SANE un-neutered male can eva resist MY CHARM!!!

oh no u dun. donch ya go runnin away frm MEEEEE for that...that...!!!

yes i was tryin ta get hold of that cute lil' TONGUE


ALMOST... (as u can c... "someone's" tryin to KICK ME!!)

DONE DEAL! (well, almost)

(Pix courtesy of DT's Mom)

After that hellava "session", mom met up wit an ex-colleague. YES!! an un-neutered male AGAIN - SUPERMAN the Silky Terrier.

wait... was that a cat I saw??

Anyways, Superman wasn't THAT interested in me. Sigh. Was it the weather??? ME?? nahz... it was the weather alrite.
Gr8 day dat was. So long babes!

Signin off,
Bitchy Vel