Sunday, May 6, 2007

Ragin' hormones

Some updated pix (dated 01052007). Datou (DT) came for a groom. Boy did we have fun wit him!!! It was also...the day before he got NEUTERED. Yes...I had to HAVE him... watch what i mean later...

really bored me while mom grooms DT

so... i decided to prey on our dearest Cotton!!!

*chews her leg*

*chews her fur*

*whispers in her ear for the next pose*


DT comes FOR ME after his groom

oooh its sooo much fun playin wit an un-neutered male!!!

no SANE un-neutered male can eva resist MY CHARM!!!

oh no u dun. donch ya go runnin away frm MEEEEE for that...that...!!!

yes i was tryin ta get hold of that cute lil' TONGUE


ALMOST... (as u can c... "someone's" tryin to KICK ME!!)

DONE DEAL! (well, almost)

(Pix courtesy of DT's Mom)

After that hellava "session", mom met up wit an ex-colleague. YES!! an un-neutered male AGAIN - SUPERMAN the Silky Terrier.

wait... was that a cat I saw??

Anyways, Superman wasn't THAT interested in me. Sigh. Was it the weather??? ME?? nahz... it was the weather alrite.
Gr8 day dat was. So long babes!

Signin off,
Bitchy Vel


Oscar Airedale said...

Your mum is a very good groomer. Looks like you had a fun day with all the boyz!

Oscar x

Ben_Benjamin said...

I like seeing 3 of you playing together. You all are super cute.

YuFFie said...

Haha!! Your captions are damn cutez!!