Monday, September 21, 2009

season for ear-muffs

It's time again for Cotton to be full-groomed again today after 4 months. Her previous session was on May 25th '09.

As usual, Mom forgot to take a "Before" pix again. So the latest "Before" look we've for her is..........

this is her now! with ear-muffs for ears!

A Bichon Frise turned Poodle for this season!

See. This groomin session was in Aug 31st '08. Her "Before" look was a quite like in this pix.

Our cute lil' Cotton. Mom's only willing to try different styles on her. BUT not on me! Because I firmly believe that I look best in my own style & Mommy is never to change it.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Walk-On @ SBG

The 3 Furry Bitches were off for the Botanical Gardens with Mom, Dad, Grandpa & Grandma earlier this morning. Same usual place to us as we've been there like a million times already.

Only difference today was that a lil' cute blondie kiddo came runnin' up to Dad (whom was with Cotton) from a distance @ FULL TOP SPEED, an ability u'd never have expectd a kiddo to possess. Mom then shouted out for Dad to carry Cotton up as she doesn't fancy kids @ all, not the least slightest bit.

Too late...that kiddo hugged her butt (as tho' the BUTT was her fav. white teddy bear on her bedside) & was chasin her round in circles wanting to hug her more. Dad managed to carry Cotton up (despite havin his heavy DSLR cam on him) amidst all the cute chaos. Still, the kiddo wouldn't give up!

She literally hugged Cotton's BUTT! Can't believe it. So Mom diverted her attention to ME instead... as I'm pretty fine with kids... So... she hugged me...

but her eyes were still fixated on the furry White BUTT

she wanted more of the White Butt as u can see... she didn't want me... couldn't believe it @ all!

& the best part is...............

Mom totally forgot to snap a pix of lil' kiddo huggin White Butt so tightly & so long that the Butt almost suffocated.

Shot of the Day. Can your puny eyes spot it?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Tinker

Had a visitor this evenin. No one new to us... juz somebody whom we haven't met for quite a while.

Tinker! The whiney & EXTREMELY messy Miniature Schnauzer

unlike ME, whom's always pretty neat (even tho' I'm very ungroomed here too, but Tinker's worst off =p )

the Naughties played while I supervised

zoomin here & there non-stop.............

play-kickin & some other nonsense which didn't really appeal to me - Velvet the Wise

....... til I was so bored... I almost fell asleep amongst all the chaos

This was only half-time for them!

during which we were both forced to stand as close as possible for a pix. As expected, we immediately repelled like magnets right after those hands went off our butts.

Compare the above with this pix which goeswayyy back in 2007! 2 years back!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The PawPals can finally be HEARD!

We can finally speak to Mommy & let her know of everything she wants to know from us!

This week has been an awesome one for us. Esp. for me, Velvet. For I have unleashed my inner-most thoughts... which I once thought no one would ever hear me, ever. Alas, I'm heard... Mom's very touched by some personal words which I had for her as well...

I've also let her know of many things which she would never have expected to hear of me. Mom has also conveyed several messages to me... & surprisingly, these days, I haven't been barking @ all when Mom comes home from work daily, which is SUPER RARE as I always liked myself to be heard before. & I jump esp. alot too cuz I'm excited to see her back home with me... but these days... I decided to reduce it by 3/4 or so... so as to not let Mom worry too much about me.

Mom has set up a private blog on our conversations together (Me Birdee, Cotton, Lauryn, Starr, Sunset...yes Sunset is MY late lovebird residing in Heaven now).

Only a handful of people will be invited into it. Please refrain from requesting for permission if you aren't already invited, as Mom doesn't fancy the feelin of declining ppl.

We will make that blog a public one when the time is ripe... til then... do be patient. =]