Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cotton's Groom - FINALLY

Lets see... it's really been a long, loong, looong, looooooong time since Mom did a full-groom on Cotton. Her last full-groom was on 27th of March '08. After then, its been basic groomin all the way (w/o scissorin her coat). Til now, 22 weeks later, she gets her full groom, FINALLY!

Thus, Dad nagged Mom to throw her a full-groom today! Mom reluctantly did, as its soooo tirin to scissor her whole body!

ok... we forgot to snap a Before pix of her today. Thus, we'll use a most recent pix (on 14/8/08) of her in her crazily looong & unruly coat. It's been 'bout 2.5 weeks since this pix, so u can imagine how much more unruly she's lookin now.

Dozens of ppl have mistook her for a long-coat Maltese. & when Mommy says she's a Bichon Frise, they start sayin WOW wat a HUGE gigantic Bichon u've there! & when Mommy says she's actually quite under-sized (5kg), they laugh & tink Mom's lyin thru her teeth.

So, lets take a look @ her after Mom scissored her entire body, legs, head & tail for a whole 3.5 hours today. Shavin would be way faster & easier, but the end-result wouldn't look as nice as Scissorin.

& no, Mom didn't edit her muzzle fur/face to be whiter here, in case ur wonderin

U end up wit a happy puppyish-lookin Bichon. Er... with a cleaner-lookin face too. More pix?

performin her stupid "sit-up" stunt. Me lookin EXTREMELY pissed (with her) cuz Mom spent sooo loooong groomin this silly white thing instead of playin wit me!!!

sit-up durn (durn is short for cotton in case u didn't noe)

juz look @ the irritatin & silly face of the evil white 1 whom snatched my beloved Mommy & made her soooo tired for a whole 3.5hrs away frm me!

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