Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mom's Birthday @ the Beach With Us!

Today's a special day. It's Mommy's birthday, which is why she brought us to the beach! We reached there @ 6.45am (left @ 10am), with no one in sight, but the cleaners. Boy was I HAPPY!

Here's Durn (short for Cotton), performin her version of a tribal dance for Mommy!

Wishin Mommy Happy birthday!

Start with a loud & loooong howl, then trample on the ground like a monster, regain composition, howl with a body-lift, & slowly end off subtlely...

n this helicopter will appear

after her silly dance, she seems to be 'disappearin'

Is dat............ wat I think it is.........

sunset's fwen watchin us frm afar.....

Starr Starr here!

Starr Starr's leash broke broke, dats y Mommy wore this over me me

tinkin wats next.....

we played goal-keeper(s) for awhile!

See see me neck (Mom: abrasion from the leash), Mommy stopped wearin leash for me

so me me RAN-FREE like my birdy!!

see see how i chase chase my birdy!

yea dats my birdy! me me follows her EVERYWHERE cuz shes my birdy! She teach teach me how to sniff sniff for chicken bones buried in sand sand!

another dog dog! i lurv to play!!

see see how i tried to play play? but no no response from anyone!!

no no response @ all..... then he growled, so mommy called me bac frm far far. i ran ran bac

(Mom: Starr was a really gd boy obeyin' the "Come" command always. This is his 1st time off to the beach too! or anywhere "fun" in particular! Proud of him! Good job.)

Starr bit bored here.... so me starr rest rest awhile...

off for more MORE chicken wing bones!!

where r those BONES?!

no bones? a ball & flower will do fine too. & so ima Bitch-ball Babe!

the lil' mini Old English Sheepdog (OES), or a Puli?????

long-island durn

Guard bag Durn

bz bz findin chicken bones again!

another dog floatin around

me starr starr is awiz watchin my birdy... kekeke

yea yea im still watchin

see see this is my daddy, Mitchelle! daddy also lurrvs to play play with birdy! every1 lurvs birdy! sometimes Mom calls me Mini-Mitch!

hugzz hugzzz



me me wanna join in too!!

We took alota vids too! But we're tooo tooooo toooooooo tired to try load them up now. Prolly another time..... for another post yea........................

c ya all in la-la land....!!!!

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