Sunday, August 31, 2008

Are You A Supporter of Puppy Mills?

Bought your puppy from a local petshop? A local pet-farm? Yes, u've juz played your part by supportin the horrible & heartless Puppy Mill Industry.

Ever wondered where those cute lil' puppies behind those glass panels came from?

Here's your answer for those whom are interested to know. If you've gotten your puppy from a petshop/farm, have a peek at the conditions of your puppy's parents... or grand-parents... or great-grandparents so on so forth

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Please STOP supportin Puppy Mills. DO NOT purchase puppies from Pet Shops or Farms. You're not savin that 1 life by supportin the thousands or probably millions of breedin dogs around the world.

Think abt the health of your pup behind that cute lil' facade. Will that pup be healthy considerin the state & conditions of its parents? Sure, it does look cute & healthy to you NOW, wat bout in a year's time? 5 yrs? 8 yrs? 10 yrs?

ADOPT, or purchase from a Reputable Breeder/Kennel. Ask to view the pups' parents. For Pedigree Certificates (not birth certs). Look at the conditions of the place, etc.

Do not support Home-Breeders who're in for a quick buck. For their dogs would've most probably been bought from a Puppy Mill as well. From here, the cycle of Unhealthy dogs goes on... its a never-endin cycle...

Please think thrice before you purchase that lil' puppy SUFFERIN in the window. Look @ the bigger picture with thousands & thousands of breedin dogs out there sufferin their entire lives juz to have those cute lil' (unhealthy) puppies starin @ u behind those glass panels.

"Where there's DEMAND, there'll always be SUPPLY."

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