Thursday, August 14, 2008

a tedious & rewardin hunt

Its "look for chicken-wing bones" today! & where's the 1 place where I can do that with ultimate freedom??? Nowhere else but the.......

Yes the BEACH. Lovely weather today, for some "treasure-huntin". We've with us Yukie (white miniature schnauzer), & Jeremy (whippet. Starr's biological brother).



some nice group pix

a simple 'formation'

the brothers decide to slack around a lil' 1st

gettin to noe all abt u.....

& they do dat by takin a short stroll together

then a lil' slow jog?

followed by some splashins?

some chasins

sometimes when they get too notti in the waters, DA BOSS (me, of cuz) will have to discipline 'em a lil'

see, that's how I discipline him, by eatin his face!

the white one loses control once in awhile & starts lookin kinda 'weird'

& look who decides to follow me to try disciplinin her!

starr sometimes luvs impartin our 'chicken-wing bones huntin skills' to others

there, u've a quick learner!

If you're still wonderin where I'm still @ this point, u've guessed it! I'm still huntin for those precious rotten buried bones!!!

they stick together quite alot!

starr does get a lil' bored without me @ times

he decided to try sniff my tracks!

nope i was definitely not under here! juz look @ his disappointed face! FWAHAHAH

Starr: where's my bird.....

callin on Jeremy to join in the search for ME? left right. no Birdy?

spread out on the hunt for birdy!

no signs of me yet I guess. & no, im definitely NOT in the waters nor on dat boat

disappointed faces? tsk tsk... u've much to learn, my young pup-sies...

their last resort: seekin help from the hoo-mans! ............. tsk tsk

the only 1 who's happy w/o me around!

day-dreamin!!!!! hopin to be some pretty babe!!! dream on... while im still outta ur sight

yipz, no doubts bout that. definitely a really happy bitch posin

looks like this nonsensical situation calls for MY presence!

a blow-up

all's resolved in a blink of an eye of DA BOSS! ok... now shld I get back to my 'treasure-hunt'...??

psst, the pup-sies still do not noe where I was all along. lets not reveal my secret. yet. til they're a wee bit older yea

here're some lomos shots of those many many dogs present today.

a male & female Springer Spaniel (Tess in this series of pix)

see how cute she is!

2 young playful labs!

Phoebe the Weimaraner

Here's Starr lovin the waters!

Okay, I guess that's bout all for today. Had some great fun on (rotten) foodies searchin! Shhh... Mom doesn't know how many rotten chicken-wing bones I found & ate secretly!! She was too busy havin fun wit the pup-sies while I went on a very tedious hunt for the rotten stuffs!

Boy am I rottenly stuffed! (if there's sucha phrase)

beautiful sky, to sum up a bone-ful day

The happy trios biddin goodbye! til the next time!

& lastly, we've kinda forgotten to bring the white one back. Any1 who's seen here there, please DO NOT bother to return to us.

*** certain parts of the above story are fictitious***

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Ryoko said...

Wow... Beach again.. I'm so envy..