Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Useless stuffs M got for us!!!! Grrrrr....

Mom received some new stuffs from the States yesterday with help from SIL! FOR US! Let's have a look...

these aren't for us! we can't used it! grrrr... (Mom: I'd strongly recommend Dr. Pitcairn's to EVERY dog/cat owner...its fantastic)

(Mom: these are British Slip Leads. Very comfy on the hands. Salt & Pepper one for Vel & Black for Cotton)

these must be for US!!!!! yey! Ballies!

Until Mom said no... they're for Muffin! HOW COULD THIS BE!!! Yes, THIS is how evil Mom can really get..........................!!! %^#@#$#$%$&^*&**($%#

SKC (a votin session??)

Ok, juz some updates on our trip to SKC @ Expo on 26/08/07 Sun. A place where I tink dogs compete for some titles... or zit a votin session for the best leader amongst us? I wonder if I should try competin for them too? Will I win like some of them??

Here's some pix of one of them on the table waitin to be voted? What's the votin based on, I wonder...

he's very serious. y won't he have some fun? like me??

like this! c...that's how I have my fun.. sniffin others' ding dongs..

another pair of ding dongs..

n another!!!! boy ima happy biatch!

3s a crowd.... wats 4?

this lovely boy's River! can ya c I was aimin for his........

heard frm my mom this' a smart boy. (M: this smartie's competin for the obedience competition, he did FANTASTICALLY WELL!)

1 of the most mis-understood dog..but... he liked me! he really did! (M: Bui Bui (Fat Fat) is his name... he's a darl...)

Some of the pix r soooo blur! Apologies for that, guess Mom's hand was shakin frm the cold.

Anyways, glad I wasn't one of the "candidates" up for the votin session! I'd be bored to death on the tables! ;p

Thursday, August 23, 2007

More VERY Colorful Greens For Us...

Mom always loves to add some nice bright bright colorful colors to our grinded veggies. She says the sight of all the colors bein grinded together makes her happy, altho' we pooches are known to be color-blind, or rather, see colors like how hoo-mans see in the nights. But it doesn't matter. When Mom's happy, we're happy!

Above pix are some of the few types of veg Mom will grind for us daily in the afternoons. She likes to combine @ least 2 to 3 types of different veg @ one go. Why she separates our BARF diet from our greens?? I dunno... I'm not really into these theories stuffs. As long as I get MY share of food.. nothin else really matters.

Some herbs she'll add too are eg, Oregano, Dill, Rosemary, Parsley, Basil, etc, for some nice nice smell & of cuz, medicinal qualities. Not too much tho, as too much of certain gd stuffs r bad too.

& each of us get one spoonful of Natural yogurt daily too so that the good good stuffs frm the natural yogurt will stay & fight off the baddies in our tummies before our BARF diet in the evenins. even tho' its sour (accordin to Mom), we lick them all off like nobody's business. I've no idea why hoo-mans dun like it...

I can't wait for my greens tmr! I noticed, Cotton loves the capsicum alot... mayb she loves colors. For me, as long as its edible... or rather... fits into my mouth... I LOVE!!!!!!!!

Ballie's fate

That's the end of Ballie........ he's now dead wounded on one of the chairs in the livin room. Just observe how his life's slowly bein' sucked out with every single bite from the evil white one.

I'm lucky that I'm not dat attached to that dead Ballie than my other TOUGH toys... @ least I dun feel much pain for him....

Monday, August 20, 2007

Ain't Mr. Ballie's day @ all...

Ok, since today was rainin dogs & many many dogs since early mornin, we couldn't go for our walks, YET, cuz of the wet ground. So................. Mom played ball wit us 1st. This ballie came free wit a purchase of, i dunno wat too.

u'll soon see why Cot's face is on the ball instead of mine...

Part 1 of "Fuels the Fun!"

Part 2 Twice-Bandaged Ballie

WATCH OUT FOR PART 3, The Finale. Will poor ballie live to see another day...

See how bent this vicious Cotton was on destroyin the poor ballie? How it was "repaired" over and over again? Did u see those huge & tiny lil' HOLES?? Those green maskin tapes?? Yes, that's y her face's on ballie! oh, it was already repaired once last night too.

I, on the other hand, was pretty slack bout the ball... See how I sat so cooly on the couch starin @ the white one in Part 2? i didn't c wat the big fuss was wit this soft lil' fragile ballie... as compared to.......................

MY lil' collection of TOUGH rubbery toys! I do hope to master the skill of rippin em apart 1 day tho'.

(M: now u see y I can NEVER ever get soft cuddly toys for them to play with. They normally get totally destroyed in less than an hr. I've managed to "save" some of the poor toys tho', & kept them for fond memories. Velvet still remembers all her fav. "puppy-love" toys weneva I take them out ;] some pix of one of her 1st few toys...)

Miss Pinky Lizzy eyes bein ripped off & severely wounded by ME ME ME!

Tail in the most sorryful state haha! (the previous Lizzy was 10 times worst!)

Er... these toys ARE made to me to destroy aren't they? Wats the use of keepin 'em as compared to givin to me????? Donch you agreeeeee???

(M: in case ur wonderin how we got the above pix, we got her to stand for bout 10-20 seconds on this book. This heat-sensitive book will then detect any heat source and thus... this! ;] )

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Peaceful Walk without...


ME, went on a stroll with M ALONE.... yes, w/o COTTON!!! I bet she was whinnin like hell @ hm! well, Grandma was there with her, so i guess its quite ok.

Next, I met a couple of other BOYSSS.... one was joggin with his daddy off-leashed in the park! wayyy cool! i was stalkin him frm behind....

(M: dey were wayy ahead of i guess they didn't notice this silent psychotic stalker)

& guess wat! he chased a poor kitty up onto a fence! i watched in silence & anticipation behind...hopin he'd manage to lure the kitty down so we both can hav some fun wit it!

(M: no, he didn't manage to get the kitty down. his daddy went to leash him up as he didn't wanna leave the poor kitty alone! LOL. my mobile batt was runnin low, didn't manage to catch a vid of it)

then, I made my presence known to him...

Meet Whaleson (hope i got the spellin rite!), the handsome parson terrier. can u see his psychotic eyes & evil grin???

loves his face!

this is MY KIND! i dunno his name as he juz came outta a groomin shop. a very huge boy! i gotta hav a sniff of his HUGE ding dongs! (M: ur sucha major gross!)

he tried to sniff me AGAIN! i made a whoppin huge turn to get him off me!!!

yipz.... finally a stroll w/o dat white one. PEACEFUL & CALM for my soul................................... for once.

Signin off,
peaceful & happy Vel

(M: ok lets not be so bad. @ least hav a pix of Cotton in ur post yea...)

ok, wateva. she's sucha whiney bitch. A cute one tho' I gotta admit.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Our Greens

Everyday either @ late mornin or mid noon, we'll get our greens (with natural yogurt, organs or fruits grinded together @ times), because its gd for us! M will explain more further later. Then, we'll have our BARF between 6pm-8pm. M finally took a vid of us havin our greens today after so long! I would've taken it myself loooong ago if I had some extra hands to spare!

Veg and fruits are only digestible when all the cellulose are broken down else they will all come out from the poo. That is why u need a machine.

thus, M uses this to process our greens!

for today, its a mixture of 4 different vegs : carrots, baby kailan, watercress & cabbage (Mom: I've currently switched to all organic veg for them already as they contain more nutrients & are pesticides-free, the ones below are NOT organic & im no longer feed them these.)

Just some info (frm M's notes from a forum) on some nice nice raw greens which're gd for us:

1. Baby carrots. grinded or blended
For Vit A and carotene, can reduce when offals are introduced later

2. Broccoli. grinded or blended

3. Lettuce. grinded or blended
To cool, to balance heat caused by meats & offals

4. Watercress. grinded or blended
Cleanse the colon and digestive system

5. Alfalfa sprouts. grinded or blended
Very nutritional and has laxative effect, aids in movin bowels

this is how today's end result looked like. We like our greens on a green plate too!

Me startin the ball rollin...

Cot next, after watchin me gobblin it up frm a corner

tada! after a mere 10 mins...

so dats all for today... hope u all had ur greens today!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Cotton's meets her Sis!

Ok, since this week I met my (biological) Mom & Sis, it is only fair that Cotton meets her biological Sis - Issabelle too!

Issabelle has an older sister too, a black & white American Cocker Spaniel - Tinkerbelle! They're the black & white sisters, juz like me & Cot! (M: ur a dark salt & pepper, not BLACK, altho' u look black)

Nvm, juz ignore that woman's yakkin. I still do look black to the normal hoo-mans eyes, rite? Right.

told ya I'M black!!

M: (u are VERY stubborn, aren't u?)

Issy & Tinky!

Naturally, the black plays wit the black... rite?

y do her legs look so big? i wish mine were as huge as hers!

she looks happy here. but i heard her barkin n barkin too. is she happy, or is she not?

I TOLD HER TO SIT STILL! so that we nid not take anymore! SHE RUINED IT!

n so we had to take again... *we sensed D was bringin us some foodie*

& again...

n again................................... my M's so crazy

dey tried to steal some foodie?!?!!?!

they pretended nothin happened when I came to check things out. how dumb did they tink i am???

M: (Cot was SUPER gd when her fwens came over to play today. NEVER once barked @ their mommy. & was VERY fwenly wit her. er...i tink its the 2nd time she's met her only. She wasn't like how protective she used to be whereby she'll BARKBARKBARK wen the stranger stands up to go somewhere in the house. Today, the "stranger" could go anywhere & everywhere n she doesn't make a single noise @ her. basically, she behaved as if she wasn't a stranger @ all. As u can c frm the pix, she was wearin the remote e-collar durin that time. After that I brought them both down to send them off. She saw a mother n her daughter lookin thru the glass panels of a petshop. thus, cotton went to be fwenly wit the mom. lickin n askin for attention w/o barkin , which is EXTREMELY gd. n that woman juz suddenly backed off very suddenly n said to her daughter that she wonders if this dog would bite her n wat will happen if she bites her etc. then cotton sensed her apprehension n behaviour 2wards her n thus, she barked a lil'. which i then corrected her n she sat n became silent. honestly, i wondered wat dat woman was doin or tinkin @ all. n she kept sayin to her daughter after dat, "how come her face so weird." she was like in a gossipy position to her daughter! I was a lil' pissed off as cotton was so fwenly 2wards her n she gave off sucha negative vibe to her instead. n wats with the color of her face?? she was borned with an eye condition. we didn't ask for it. sigh... MOST SINGAPOREANS can never learn to be kind n gracious to animals.)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Me biological sis & mom!

M brought us down to collect the Remote Electric Trainin Collar for Cotton. The purpose & usage of it is identical to the typical choker. The few differences are that, the static level can be adjusted accordinly to the dog's reaction 2wards it. After the dog is clear with most/all commands, M can just use the "pager" mode, which only vibrates - servin as a reminder for the dog. Another button is the continuous mode - more for activation durin dog fights. But M shldn't be usin much of dat function, I tink. Also, the distance is up to half a mile. Its water-resistent too (except the remote).

M: (this trainin tool is not the least "cruel" as perceived by many. It is an excellent trainin tool for off-leash trainin. But I won't be goin to that level. The static level is juz a slight shock which I've testin on myself. Cot improved a great deal durin her usual walk today & in the shop. Sittin on command (with leash n e-collar), walkin slow, not barkin @ strangers. hope to see further improvements in time to come. & no, she doesn't resist me wearin the collar for her @ all..which is a gd sign of correct trainin. it is more of a negative followed by position reinforcements like praise n pats.)

Ok, enuf of Cot's story! MINE now! Me met one of my biological sister, MeiMei, & my biological Mom, Girl Girl today!

Mommy! im twice her weight @ 6.5kg!!

me mom may be tiny @ only 3kg. but u dogs better tink twice b4 messin wit MY MOM!



the hoo-mans rily tried HARD to get me to stay wit her. which i didn't c the need to

she juz can't get enuf of me

n again.......

the grumpy. &. the fluffy.

sisterly minds tink alike

Mei's very beautifully clipped. we're Goddesses. but i tink im a lil' wee bit nicer than her ;p

that's bout all the pix i've to share for today. so happy meetin them again... didn't see my biological bro, Tagen today. tink he was very dirty, thus, they didn't let him out.

oh yea we had fun with a black standard poodle named Boo aka Cash. Sorry i forgot his pix...he was so active! I was bz chasin him away frm my boootiful butt!!! Heard dat he was rehomed together with his other brother (a lab). pretty sad story....but i shan't elaborate......

dats all folks! tata hav a gr8 nite..... *yawnz*