Thursday, August 23, 2007

More VERY Colorful Greens For Us...

Mom always loves to add some nice bright bright colorful colors to our grinded veggies. She says the sight of all the colors bein grinded together makes her happy, altho' we pooches are known to be color-blind, or rather, see colors like how hoo-mans see in the nights. But it doesn't matter. When Mom's happy, we're happy!

Above pix are some of the few types of veg Mom will grind for us daily in the afternoons. She likes to combine @ least 2 to 3 types of different veg @ one go. Why she separates our BARF diet from our greens?? I dunno... I'm not really into these theories stuffs. As long as I get MY share of food.. nothin else really matters.

Some herbs she'll add too are eg, Oregano, Dill, Rosemary, Parsley, Basil, etc, for some nice nice smell & of cuz, medicinal qualities. Not too much tho, as too much of certain gd stuffs r bad too.

& each of us get one spoonful of Natural yogurt daily too so that the good good stuffs frm the natural yogurt will stay & fight off the baddies in our tummies before our BARF diet in the evenins. even tho' its sour (accordin to Mom), we lick them all off like nobody's business. I've no idea why hoo-mans dun like it...

I can't wait for my greens tmr! I noticed, Cotton loves the capsicum alot... mayb she loves colors. For me, as long as its edible... or rather... fits into my mouth... I LOVE!!!!!!!!

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