Friday, March 16, 2007

Food for Thought? go BARF!

(oh btw, BARF = Bones And Raw Food / Biologically Appropriate Raw Food)

Introducin our daily meals! Today's menu:

semi-thawed pre-packed (raw chicken wing tips & beef)...

looks yummy? not to u...but to us...its HEAVENLY YUMMY... bout 220-250grms of foods each

..with offals (chicken liver/heart), raw eggs with shell, supplements like: grapefruit seed extract (gonna switch to oil of oregano when its finished/ACV ("BRAGGS" Apple Cider Vinegar), multi vit, fish oil 500mg each.

Other days, it'll be lean chicken meat, mutton, salmon, prawns etc u name it! Normally we alternate chicken lean meat with beef on one week and mutton with other meats on the next week). We eat literally EVERYTHIN...even raw (grinded) cabbage, brocolli, alfalfa, etc etc! Mom believes in feedin us raw rather than the commercial doggie foods out there. Even our treats are human-grades! some egs. raw ikan bilis, cheese, yogurts, deer tendons, dehydrated treats etc etc!

She advises her customers to BARF their darlins too! Sadly, most couldn't take to it as they find it too 'troublesome' or 'bloody'. But lemme tell u...its not. Only mutton is bloody BEFORE washin. Wanna noe more bout BARFin? visit some gr8 links I've provided for u here in this blog!

Lauryn doesn't take these raw food though. She prefers our human's food filled with salt & MSG!!! yikes! So M now gives her HCF with the occasional yummies fried chicken wings etc. oh yea she hates veggies too unlike Cotton & me... *ponderin*

Look @ juz how sparklin white my teeth r! all frm the chewin n gnawin of raw bones... (part of my gums are borned black-ish in color (pigmentation)

Blurp...! Burp...! pardon me.......

look @ my dirty mouth after eatin! damn gotta clean mouth again~~~

ahhhhhh....what a woooof, opps i mean gooooood life I'm to nap after our meals...till the nxt time......when im awake that is.

***watch out for more pix of us***

Burps & wet smoochies:

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Oscar Airedale said...


I've been eating BARF for about 3 weeks now & I'm loving it so much. I kept getting sick on commercial food but I've not been ill once since switching & dinner is so much more fun now!

Oscar x