Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fun on 2010's CNY

HAPPY BARKDAY to Cotton! It's her 4th birthday today........ time passes so, so, so, so fast indeed. It'll be my barkday next month... my 5th barkday! =>

Anyways, we celebrated 2010's CNY today on 16th Feb '10 (3rd day of CNY) with some fun as usual juz like the previous years. Only this time we met up wit some new friends...

Meet the 3 Miniature Schnauzers - Cody, Pepper & Happy!

From Front: Mommy of - Pepper, Happy & Cody

the 2 biological brothers - Cody (the Ears) & Pepper

& not forgettin' pretty Happy

Cotton shadowin Pepper closely... even their legs were in sync

power of the Ears... Happy Chinese New Ear(s)

Cotton & I

we're the natural pawpals aka the 3 furry bitches!

beautiful. background I mean

lovely me as usual

our sister, Lauryn! she's already comin 9 this year. time passes...

she runs like a drama-queen 99% of the time

Cody's Mommy

crazy white 1 loves cody's mommy, hates cody's daddy...

Happy CNY to everyone =]