Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lauryn's 8yrs old

It's Lauryn's 8th Barkday today! Time flies... as usual, Mom doesn't believe in "celebrating" our barkdays with unhealthy cakes (not even those cakes for dogs without any sweeteners etc), nor any other fanciful outings/gatherings etc. All we'll ever need is our daily weekdays 5km morning jogs with our humans + our organic diet.

Thus, here's a simple wish to the eldest bitch in the family... Happy 8th Barkday, Lauryn! & many many more to come! =p

lauryn aka nneg-nneg! a happy 8yrs old Chihuahua!

birdee & durn-durn

Monday, October 26, 2009

Birdee's Groom

It's my Full-Groom session today by Mom again, after 2months, 2days exactly.

Top to Bottom: @ my dirtiest, after my bath & blow-dry, groomed. [Click to enlarge]

I'm always the cutest in her eyes

this is Cotton (after her Basic Groomin today), 5weeks exactly after her Full-Groom (& bath as well as Mom doesn't believe in batheing us too often).

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Organic Soap Nuts for our Humans' Laundry!

Mom has recently replaced the family's laundry soap to a natural & organic soap that grows on trees!! It's a soap nut.

It's much better for our noses as dogs are much more sensitive to scents than humans... thus, Mom doesn't want us sniffin all chemicals all day long on our people's clothes.

Now, the entire family's clothes & stuffs are all washed with the organic soap nuts combined with pure essential oils. We're all left with natural scents... safe for everybody in the house!

The clothes are left totally scentless after the wash, smellin natural & nothin more than that. The organic soap nuts rid off unwanted scents leavin it smellin only natural... this is what Nature's Scent is. =]

Now its not only us bitches whom're using Organic Soap for our baths (+ our organic raw foods daily)... even our humans are using Organic Soaps too not only on their own bodies, but on their clothes too. How perfect!

Organic Soap Nuts. Soap that grows on trees!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Anythin for Us

Mom's been sick these couple of days. Especially today with a bad flu & slight fever. But she still brought us for our usual 3 miles (5km) jog & walk in the forest this mornin despite her being pretty sick. We only jog on a clean road in the forest, not on the grass areas @ all.

Anythin for us Mom had said... & we're grateful for that...

We took abt 50 minutes to complete today's jog & walk instead of the usual 40 minutes.

Nothin much up wit us for now except for me needin a full-groom by Mom soon. Prolly wait til she's well again...

We've been wantin to load an interestin video of our 3 miles jog & walk in the nicest, most peaceful & safest forest for a long long while now... juz that it hasn't been edited. yet.

So, juz stay tune for that vid...