Saturday, October 17, 2009

Organic Soap Nuts for our Humans' Laundry!

Mom has recently replaced the family's laundry soap to a natural & organic soap that grows on trees!! It's a soap nut.

It's much better for our noses as dogs are much more sensitive to scents than humans... thus, Mom doesn't want us sniffin all chemicals all day long on our people's clothes.

Now, the entire family's clothes & stuffs are all washed with the organic soap nuts combined with pure essential oils. We're all left with natural scents... safe for everybody in the house!

The clothes are left totally scentless after the wash, smellin natural & nothin more than that. The organic soap nuts rid off unwanted scents leavin it smellin only natural... this is what Nature's Scent is. =]

Now its not only us bitches whom're using Organic Soap for our baths (+ our organic raw foods daily)... even our humans are using Organic Soaps too not only on their own bodies, but on their clothes too. How perfect!

Organic Soap Nuts. Soap that grows on trees!

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Alfie's Mum said...

Hi, where did U get yr soapnuts from?? I had to ask my friend bring some for me from India. Didnt know they are available here??