Thursday, July 9, 2009

Raw Foodie Bitchie

Our slave has now decided to feed us (Raw) Whole Organic Chicken instead of the (Raw) Organic Boneless Chicken Breasts .

We consume the ENTIRE organic chicken including the bones. But Mom has a habit of deboning them, it's juz a personal preference of feedin us. Altho' it's more tiring for her to debone them (with simply Scissors alone, as she doesn't know how to CHOP them up with a Chopper) once every 2-3 weeks (it takes abt 45mins - 1hr to debone them + pack into individual packs), she feels its better for us as we get everythin & every parts of the entire chic such as skin & bones etc, as the Boneless Breasts form doesn't even incld the skin.

Most impt of all, she needs to increase our amt. of food daily due to our daily 5km Jog/Walk from Mon - Fri. Now, with the addition of the bones, we receive approx. 170g of (all-Organic & Raw) meats + egg + bones + blended veg/fruit) of food each, per day (instead of only 130g before). But we can't seem to gain any weight despite it! I still weigh only a feather-weight of 4.3kg, same goes for Cotton!). I need to eat an entire BULL everyday! + a couple of chickens too!

Eg, an approximately 1.8kg of whole organic chicken will consist of approx. 1.3kg of Meats & 500g of Bones after deboning. A smaller-sized chicken (eg 1.3kg) will consist of 900g of Meats & 400g of Bones after deboning.

Two 1.8kg (3.6kg) chickens' meat can be packed into 50 individual packets of approx. 50g of chic meat.

The remanin bones (approx. 1kg in total) will then be cut into smaller pieces to be divided into the 50 packets, so that we get to chew on some bones daily for fun & the nutrients of bones (our calcium source is from Organic Eggshell Powder which is mixed into our Healthy Powder blend).

Here's a look of them from start to end.

nicely packed... we only eat these 2 brands

approx. 1.8kg (Left), approx. 1.3kg (Right)

this set of meat & bones belong to the chicken on the Left above. Bones will be cut into smaller pieces to be divided in accordance.

This set belongs to the chic on the Right. DO NOT discard the bones... bones from a gd source of meat are very very nutritional for us. Feed on the ENTIRE animal... juz like how animals in the wild do.