Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Daily (Weekdays) 5km to 7km Exercise Regime

We've a new exercise regime now instead of the usual 2.5km run. After the run, we'd now continue off with a 4km forest trail jog (@ the same place as its all connected) as a 'coolin down' session right after the run! So its a new total of 5km to 7km per day for us.

Amazin? Nah... that's what all dogs are suppose to be gettin regardless of breed, age, size, gender, yada yada.......... Only difference is the AMOUNT of exercise in accordance to each individual dogs.

As Cesar Millan always says in accordance of, "Exercise, Discipline, Affection." Mom worships Cesar Millan... thus... Exercise is very very important in our lives, besides our Diet.

We discovered some new found friends... whom come DAILY to exercise too! A very very lean Corgi (Mom: the leanest & most agile Corgi I've met thus far), a 5yr old Beagle, & a tall & lean Poodle.

Sunrise. The beautiful scenary which Mom & Dad get to enjoy while runnin' us.

this is our usual 2.5km run area, which will then be continued off with our 4km forest trail walk (below).

Our new found pawpals. Happy the Beagle bitch, Keagan the Corgi dog.

a very very happy corgi indeed

& the white 1 goes wanderin off on her own again

fresh clean air far away from roads & the city... gd run... some friends... wat more can we ask for

I spotted a Kitty on our way back home. Here's an account of what I'd usually do in the car... whenever I spot a nice cute Kitty...

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