Monday, June 1, 2009

The Good, The Bad, The Evil

These new Limited Edition Toys are for our Lil' Foot (Lil's Foot's our dear car).

The 2 Tears Plush Toys are from MimiPong. The Durn look-a-like is by Eric So, it's a rare plush re-born teddy bear that was released in year 2002 & its very rare now.

Dad also bought vintage books for Lil' Foot too, juz in case she's feelin bored @ the parkin slots... she can read these cool vintage comics published as early as 1966! WAYYYY before Mom was even born......

The cool vintage comics!

After 8months of idling, Dad has a new blog now... It's Pupparazii , full of cute & dark-humoured comic strips of dogs & the occasional cats. Visit it if you're lookin for some laugh!

Let's hope Dad doesn't idle no more........

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