Friday, May 29, 2009

Runnin' with Muffin

Muffin is here for a short stay with us for 4days from Thurs - Sun. Thus, Mom & Dad decided to bring her along for our daily mornin joggin session of 2.5km @ 0700hrs.

her 1st night here... with the white 1 disturbin as usual

makin monkey-faces as well

along with civilized me...

We all woke up @ 0645 & made our way there by 7am.


me spottin lotsa cyclists & joggers as well

Mom said she has to leash Muffin while joggin juz in case

lotsa joggers stopped & commented to Mom what pretty dogs she has. pretty bitches more like it

2 very focused miniature schnauzers

white bitch imitatin yellow PIKACHU? bounce bounce bounce ~ or Tigger

givin a ridiculous SHOCKED look. 1 of her many many monkey-faces

we jogged together, but Mom gotta hold onto Muffin while the both of us were free

cotton on her crazy-mode BARKIN & disturbin me as usual! (take note of her stupid 1-legged stunts etc) Click it for a clearer view of MY WRATH!

Singaporeans will know who "Liang Po-Po" is. Dad said she's lookin like Liang Po-Po here

cutie? I THINK NOT!

leavin for home in Mommy's Lil' Foot! lotsa monkey faces from the white bitch today!

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YuFFie said...

Thank you so much for keeping my muffin in such good shape!! Can't wait to see my dogter soon!