Saturday, September 22, 2012

2012 Cats of the World (COTW) Photo Exhibition (Part III)

It's Saturday Caturday and that makes it the last day of the COTW Purrzaar!

Make your way down NOW to The Arts House to purchase some postcards and cute lil' handmade cat stuff! Proceeds go towards Cat Welfare Society (CWS).

Here are some medias featuring the exhibition and purrzaar.

Berita Harian Malay Newspaper 22 Sept 2012

LianHe ZaoBao Chinese Newspaper 13 Sept 2012
(photo from COTW FB)

8 Days Magazine No. 1142
(photo from COTW FB)

LifeStyle Magazine Sept 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

2012 Cats of the World (COTW) Photo Exhibition (Part II)

.......... and for the remaining photos!

photographers' description

39 postcard designs!


past years' photo prints

pretty hand-sewn and silk-screened tote bags!

cute lil' hand-made keychains, brooches etc!

Our loot - 6 postcards! One of ours' given when Mom paid for the photograph fee. 6 postcard designs already sold out on the first Sat's Purrzaar! So make your way down this coming Sat to The Arts House and buy some stuff to help our fellow street cats! =]

2012 Cats of the World (COTW) Photo Exhibition (Part I)

If you haven't already heard of Cats of the World (COTW) Photo Exhibition that has been held annually for the past 6 years, visit their blog and Facebook.

The exhibition will be held from 10 Sept to 30 Sept (10am - 10pm) and the Purrzaar on 15 Sept and 22 Sept (11am - 6pm) at The Arts House. Visit the purrzaar to buy some nice postcards of all the exhibited photographs and lotsa other quirky cute stuff from many vendors!

Mom submitted pictures of Chewy and us at the last minute (yes Mom is and always has been a procrastinator) and one of our photos was chosen. Each photograph fee is S$10 and proceeds go towards Cat Welfare Society (CWS).

This is our chosen pix. Cuz the organizer says Chewy looks like a leader... and Mom also overheard someone at the purrzaar saying Chewy stands like a pitbull.

Mom went to the exhibition and snapped all 39 photographs from 28 photographers! For your preview below! Print form available at S$30 each (A4 size without frame) and postcards going at 1 for S$2, 3 for S$5 and 6 for S$10. So make your way down to the purrzaar this coming Sat!

Mom and Dad's fav. quote of the lot!

More photos in the next post! Mom's hands really got tired from taking photos of all those photos!