Saturday, June 28, 2008

Starr, the Whippet

We've a pup wit us. A 2.8mth old Male Whippet (barkday 080408, 5.4kg), which Aunty D had named him - Starr.

He's Mitch's son, same kennel line - Alaric. Starr's a mid-range show quality dog (Mom: we've decided that his kennel name be, Alaric A Starr Is Born). Mom said she totally fell in love wit him the moment she carried him!!! I find that so hard to believe...

(Mom: he's the ultimately sweetie! A VERY fast & smart learner too. Peed & pooed on the newspapers. Altho he did miss once - on my mattress. Doesn't whine on his 1st nite (tonite), totally NO whinins over here @ all, sleeps peacefully @ nite on the mattress, isn't choosy wit food (on Raw now), SOOOO super ultra affectionate with every1 in the family! Sleeps curled up like a ball rite beside daddy on the mattress. Always lickin & "eatin" our hair... in teethin stage, thus, awiz chewin on wateva stuffs he comes across.

He's also a VERY lucky dog! Why? Only close friends of mine & some other ppl will know why... trust me he's 1 dat brings luck, joy & love to anyone.) Sometimes i wonder if its fate dat i chose him & brought him hm. somethin v wonderful, & yet ironic happened today - the day he came to me.)

Note that the "big bald hole" next to his blaze markin (on his face) is caused by playbitings frm his many siblins

see the many 'small holes' on his head? they'll heal very soon. look @ his beautiful Blaze markin! He's named Starr cuz of his "half star" markin on his thigh in this pix

some bumps on his belly which wil heal v soon too

he's shy @ times...

i was bein fwenly sayin hi to the newbie

also tellin him dat IM the Queen here, n that's MY bed he's lyin on

he sure is scared of me! here's him sprawlin on the mattress!

& then he 'mutilates' himself... i dunno y dun ask me

im watchin...

told ya im watchin u... dun try anythin farny in MY room

Mom put him bac on the bed! I tot i told her only im entitled to her bed??

bad bad stranger boy!!! on MY bed again!!!!

thus... The Queen has to remind him AGAIN. look @ how hes lookin @ Mom!!!! that pathetic face!!!

finally ur off my bed. do remember The Queen's commands yah...

rmb im awiz watchin u... whereva you're...

BTW, this is Starr's biological sister.

she's still available to Good Homes. Leave a msg here if ur interested in her.

(Mom: Starr, you're a blessin. A beautiful true gem indeed)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

10 Promises To All Of Us

Yupz, these 10 Promises ought to be sworn to a dog, the very day you decide to have your very own dog.

Please, do abide by those promises should you decide to have one of our kinds, I promise all dog(s) would have led a very fulfillin' life wit you, & more importantly, no dogs would be abandoned.

This CUTE Golden Retriever pup's from the Movie: 10 Promises

This is ME! the cute 7 weeks old Miniature Schnauzer pup!

2 thumbs up for this great show!

Have you made your promise?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Les Poochs brushes & Dogit (Large Fountain) for sale

Mom is sellin off some Les Poochs Brushes. Drop a note here with ur contact/email if ur interested & Mom will contact u soon. Self-collection OR buyer bears registered mail costs.

1 Les Poochs WIDE Medium Bristle Brush (Red) S$140 inclusive of original casing. RP in SG $198 + $20 (for casing).

1 Les Poochs REGULAR Soft Bristle Brush (Yellow) S$80 inclusive of original casing. RP in SG $98 + $20 (for casing)

Mom's friend's sellin off her Dogit (Large) drinkin fountain for dogs. Note that its a different brand from mine. Suitable for small breeds as well as they can lick off from the lower area where the water drips from. View the website!! Ensure FRESH 24/7 Filtered water for ur dogs!!! Goin @ S$180 (includes 2 new filters, fountain is currently not in usage). Same thing, leave ur contact here & Mom will get her friend to contact u!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Yummylicious (Game Hens) Humiliation

Apart from our Cornish Games Hens which Mom buys for us, recently she's been buyin Poussin as well. Despite them being called Game Hens, they're NOT game meats like Kangaroo & Venison. They're slaughtered @ younger age (4-5weeks), hence, they're VERY small in size.

Poussin is also known as Cornish Game Hens. The only few differences between those 2 which we're eatin, is the country of origin. Poussin is from Aussie while the Cornish Game Hen's from US (for the ones Mom gets for us), & the Cornish part of the name derives from the most common bird grown and sold in this manner, a cross of the Cornish and Rock breeds.

In addition to commanding a higher price, the game hens have a shorter growing span, 28 to 30 days as opposed to 42 or more for regular chicken. In spite of the higher prices for all things small these days, Cornish game hens are still quite affordable.

NO DOGS will ever ever reject these. Even Lauryn goes CRAZY when she smells them. & I mean literally CRAZY. We too are guilty of dat craziness.

Today was special. A very special 'humiliatin' eatin process. But like I said... we're CRAZY over these 'classy' foods. They're seriously VERY unlike the normal chicken. Dun believe me? Try it for urself.

very small wings...

& drumlets as compared to our normal local chickens! & definitely 100x more yummy!!!

Please come over here to look @ the classy classy hens

Ok here goes the very 'humiliatin' eatin time...

It appeared 'normal' in the beginnin... wit cotton yellin for her food

then we began the starin game

then, Cotton has to wear her special Snood to keep her ears & "whoopi goldberg's" look-alike hair away, as well as tyin her muzzle's fur

juz look @ MY MUZZLE in the vid!!!! They're tied like a unicorn!!! Cuz Mom doesn't want my muzzle's fur to get dirty.

We simply have to endure those moments for yummylicious foodies........

Friday, June 20, 2008

3rd Hydro

We went for our 3rd Hydro session today. 2nd session was last Sat with Remy, Cushla, Cotton & ME! Cushla came today but didn't swim due to her lathergy due to her after-heat as well as some sensitive skin. So only Remy, Cotton & ME for today!

Cushla (last Sat)

lovin girl's takin a break...

Cushla, a Ch Whippet Bitch. VERY nice conformation & sucha dainty look!

handsome & muscular Remy!

every1 loves his huge, black & affectionate eyes!

Cotton (last sat too)

some friends dat came too last week. please note where, & wat our dear Cotton's doing!!

Some vids to be uploaded. Vids which are taken frm Vids. If u get wat I mean (the original file is far too big to b uploaded, thus Mom took a video of the video with her mobile). Its quite blur cuz its shot from the computer.

yupz that was a short clip of ME chasin a rubber duckie. Well, not rily chasin in this vid, but after dat yea I was chasin it. I was tryin to get bac to Mom here!!! Whom was standin @ the direction of the water jet, which meant harder & more kickins & strength required juz to swim to her. I muz be mad goin round in circles too!!! Gosh

Monday, June 9, 2008

Natural / Organic Handmade Soapbars

UPDATE (30 Jan 2015)

Mom has been sticking with Ah Yuan's natural hand-made soap bars for many years now. Just to update this post with more details of the soap bars. No longer using the home-made herbal conditioner below altho its good... cuz Mom getting abit lazy already after all these years......... scroll down for old details.

Remember my shower stuffs - natural Chandrika soapbar followed with organic home-made herbal conditioner?

The home-made organic herbal conditioner stays the same, we're still using it. The only difference here is - the soap.

Now Mom has a new natural soap for us again. It's handmade & more ex, but definitely better as well. Some of them are considered organic as well. Mom NEVER believes in nor uses pet-grade soaps on us becuz they're full of artificial smells & ingredients which are not natural nor good for us, dogs.

In the wild, wild animals like wolves always have to smell as natural as possible & blend into the environment to prevent unwanted attention such as other predators or even preys (Eg. stealing their prized foods). Same theory goes for us domesticated dogs as these natural abilities & instincts do not die down even though we're domesticated already.

Ever wondered why some of us, when after batheing keep 'rubbing ourselves on floors, couches, beds, grooming tables etc? That's becuz of the un-natural & STRONG smells coming from those pet-shampoos/conditioners & PERFUMES. Its not becuz we're trying to act cute or anything. We're definitely NOT. We're simply tryin to RID OFF those ugly smelly smells off our bodies to get back our natural environmental scents.

Dogs, or rather, animals are not meant to use such stuffs like humans. Our sense of smell are like wayyyyyy stronger than urs. 40 times? prolly up to a hundred times even! So imagine if the pet-shampoo smells SOOOOO GOOOOOD & strong to u, how would it be like for us?

After searching & trying out all sorta natural/organic soaps for us, Mom finally settled on a particular brand (below pix). There're 12 different types of scents, all serving different purposes, altho the bottomline is almost the same. However, Mom settled on 4 scents for us (rotating them). One bar costs bout S$13. Its definitely worth it.

These handmade natural soaps do not leave behind a strong scent on us after batheing. Besides dogs not smelling awful with doggy odour a few days after baths, diet plays a HUGE part in it too. A healthy natural Raw Diet will prevent doggy odours as we shower only once per month & absolutely NO (artificial) perfumes on our bodies.

We're very outdoor dogs as we have our daily runs of up to 5km per day everyday from Mondays - Fridays. So, we absolutely DO NOT believe in the theory of weekly baths for very active outdoor dogs.

Anyways, talkign about the soaps not leaving a strong scent on us after usage, thus, we do not 'rub' ourselves like crazy over furnitures etc to get our environmental scent back. These natural soaps do good for our fur & skin as well (diet plays a more impt role too). They are NOT very foamy compared to synthetic soaps. Natural/organic soaps are never too foamy as foams are derived from un-natural/artificial ingredients which are not good for humans & animals. More so for animals as we tend to luv licking them while batheing! So foamy stuffs are a huge NO-NO for us...
In short, Mom juz simply prefers natural/organic stuffs for us rather than synthetic un-natural stuff, not even those pet-grade soaps which claim themselves as being "organic". Why should there even be a different grading? If its natural/organic, it is natural/organic.

Clockwise (left): Organic Oat Soap, Eucalyptus Soap, Organic Lemon Soap, Cypress Soap

Note that natural/organic stuffs do not last forever. They have a lifespan simply becuz they're natural, w/o any synthetic preservatives. These soaps above can only be kept for a year from the date of production (which is written on every single bar). They're handmade from all natural medicinal plants grown by an organic farmer. p/s: do not spray Perfumes on them after using natural/organic soaps as this would defeat the purpose of going all-natural. Perfumes are also made up of artificial ingredients to achieve the "smells". Rmb healthy dogs do not need any perfumes to smell gr8 & natural

One thing to note, natural/organic soaps will not give our fur a "super duper fluffy" effect. To achieve this kinda un-natural effect, u'll need chemicals found in commercial pet shampoos. BUT, would you forgo (long term) health for (temporary) beauty? Afterall, which wolf in the wild yearns for artificial fluffiness? The sole purpose of going All Natural is for health's sake. All we need in our bath sessions is "cleanliness", which is what natural soaps achieve.
It isn't really difficult to juz simplify matters instead of complicating it. What we animals really need, are juz what Mother Nature can, & have always provided us with. Just think back to Nature & u'll get all ur answers. Dogs aren't really that complicated, even tho' we're domesticated & are ur loyal companions, we're still ultimately - ANIMALS. =]
Organic Oat Soap:

Natural cereal crops are highly nutritious & have a rather good effect on preventing dry & weak skin. Especially atopic dermatitis patients who have extremely sensitive skin, or skin that is oily underneath, but dry on the surface. Children, people with extremely sensitive skin, as well as women during & after pregnancy will find this soap useful.

Eucalyptus Soap:

Eucalyptus benefits the respiratory system significantly through breathing. If you're mentally exhausted, it helps to refresh your mind & aids concentration. Good for the skin, eases athlete's foot, insect bites, rashes & the clogging of pores.

Organic Lemon Soap:

Lemon has an excellent natural ability to kill bacteria. It works well in removing old cells, lightening pigmentation, tightening pores & gives the complexion a beautiful shine.

Cypress Soap:

Cypress grows on mountains stretching as high as 1,800m to 2,800m above sea level. It secretes an essential oil that has a powerful ability to kill bacteria. Works well for acne, pimple, nappy rash, bed sore, erythema, sebum secretion, itchy scalp, skin inflammation, allergic skin & athlete's foot; also kills bacteria, stops itchiness & heals wounds.