Monday, June 23, 2008

Yummylicious (Game Hens) Humiliation

Apart from our Cornish Games Hens which Mom buys for us, recently she's been buyin Poussin as well. Despite them being called Game Hens, they're NOT game meats like Kangaroo & Venison. They're slaughtered @ younger age (4-5weeks), hence, they're VERY small in size.

Poussin is also known as Cornish Game Hens. The only few differences between those 2 which we're eatin, is the country of origin. Poussin is from Aussie while the Cornish Game Hen's from US (for the ones Mom gets for us), & the Cornish part of the name derives from the most common bird grown and sold in this manner, a cross of the Cornish and Rock breeds.

In addition to commanding a higher price, the game hens have a shorter growing span, 28 to 30 days as opposed to 42 or more for regular chicken. In spite of the higher prices for all things small these days, Cornish game hens are still quite affordable.

NO DOGS will ever ever reject these. Even Lauryn goes CRAZY when she smells them. & I mean literally CRAZY. We too are guilty of dat craziness.

Today was special. A very special 'humiliatin' eatin process. But like I said... we're CRAZY over these 'classy' foods. They're seriously VERY unlike the normal chicken. Dun believe me? Try it for urself.

very small wings...

& drumlets as compared to our normal local chickens! & definitely 100x more yummy!!!

Please come over here to look @ the classy classy hens

Ok here goes the very 'humiliatin' eatin time...

It appeared 'normal' in the beginnin... wit cotton yellin for her food

then we began the starin game

then, Cotton has to wear her special Snood to keep her ears & "whoopi goldberg's" look-alike hair away, as well as tyin her muzzle's fur

juz look @ MY MUZZLE in the vid!!!! They're tied like a unicorn!!! Cuz Mom doesn't want my muzzle's fur to get dirty.

We simply have to endure those moments for yummylicious foodies........


Lacy said...

w00f's all, yummmmies dat food looks sooo good...heehee u makin me drool here..

b safe,

Goofy said...

nice blog you've got there!! i'm here thru ben ben's blog..

btw, we, dogs, can eat raw chicken bones? mom always wanna know this.. all the while i'm having kibbles only, mom thinking of giving me try the raw thingys, but still not sure whether am i ok with it..