Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Les Poochs brushes & Dogit (Large Fountain) for sale

Mom is sellin off some Les Poochs Brushes. Drop a note here with ur contact/email if ur interested & Mom will contact u soon. Self-collection OR buyer bears registered mail costs.

1 Les Poochs WIDE Medium Bristle Brush (Red) S$140 inclusive of original casing. RP in SG $198 + $20 (for casing).

1 Les Poochs REGULAR Soft Bristle Brush (Yellow) S$80 inclusive of original casing. RP in SG $98 + $20 (for casing)

Mom's friend's sellin off her Dogit (Large) drinkin fountain for dogs. Note that its a different brand from mine. Suitable for small breeds as well as they can lick off from the lower area where the water drips from. View the website!! Ensure FRESH 24/7 Filtered water for ur dogs!!! Goin @ S$180 (includes 2 new filters, fountain is currently not in usage). Same thing, leave ur contact here & Mom will get her friend to contact u!

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I've just put two pictures of Roxy on your guestbook by mistake. Sorry.