Monday, June 2, 2008

M***H Me*** FAILS us for the 5th time!

Remember M***h Me*** agreed to delivery the Super 8Rs to Mom by Wednesday (28th May)? Then she changed to the weekend (31st & 1st June)? She PROMISED!!!!

Well, apparently, AGAIN she FAILED to deliver!!!!!! It's the FIFTH TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From March 28th (my birthday) til now I still haven't gotten my PRESSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She called on Sunday night & said that she has collected all the photos, BUT, the printer FORGOT TO LAMINATE the Super 8Rs!!!!! So she'll have to go back to them on Tuesday as they're closed on Monday, so she can only deliver to me on Tues night! But since the 4Rs are ready, she can come & deliver those to me that first (later @ nite), n the super 8Rs on Tuesday nite.

So Mom said ok, deliver the 4Rs to us 1st. So later on Mom asked how is she gonna paste the 4Rs into the album. So M***h decided that mayb she can come down & collect the album from Mom so she can mount the remainin 4Rs nicely in the album for us. So Mom agreed.

Then, we agreed to meet @ 10pm on Sunday night. Since Mom & us were out, we managed to get home b4 10pm. It was agreed over SMS that we meet @ 10pm!

When Mom & I were ready to leave the house, Mom decided to call her @ 9.55pm if she has reached. Guess wat??? She told Mom she was still @ Home!!! Said she will leave the house in 5mins time. So in the end to cut the long story short, she reached here @ 10.40pm when the agreed time was 10pm. Mom was really tired but still, she did not flare her top @ M***h.

So it'd mean that we'd FINALLY get ALL our photos tmr nite rite??


M***h Me*** juz called Mom 8mins ago tellin her that she'll be havin a photoshoot for FIVE dogs tmr in the evenin & that it might end as late as 1am!! So its best to deliver to us on Wed NITE.

SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't the shoot have an appt?!?!??!?!?!?!!? If so y did she promise us n fail us TIME N TIME AGAIN?!?!?!?! its the FIFTH TIME for goodness sake!!!!!!!

So Mom said to her, "if u managed to finish the shoot earlier say 11pm, u can still deliver rite?" she replied sayin, yes if the dogs r easy to shoot.

Seriously We are ALL VERY tired of waitin & waitin. So Mom told her its been so long & we wanna get it all asap as our family hasn't even seen the pix!!!!

So M***h apologized & said that she dare not promise Mom anythin anymore should she fail again on Wed nite. ARGHHH can someone please tell us what kinda service is this?!??!?!?!!?!?!?!?

We're goin to see whether they will fail us on WED NITE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're super super disappointed. Way beyond the word DISAPPOINTED itself. We hope for the best for the 5 dogs tmr that their fate will not end up like us, as its already been close to 3mths & we haven't even received our final products.

If u guys still insist on goin to them for photoshoots, ALL THE BEST TO YOU!!!!!

im so angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HMPH!!!!

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