Friday, June 20, 2008

3rd Hydro

We went for our 3rd Hydro session today. 2nd session was last Sat with Remy, Cushla, Cotton & ME! Cushla came today but didn't swim due to her lathergy due to her after-heat as well as some sensitive skin. So only Remy, Cotton & ME for today!

Cushla (last Sat)

lovin girl's takin a break...

Cushla, a Ch Whippet Bitch. VERY nice conformation & sucha dainty look!

handsome & muscular Remy!

every1 loves his huge, black & affectionate eyes!

Cotton (last sat too)

some friends dat came too last week. please note where, & wat our dear Cotton's doing!!

Some vids to be uploaded. Vids which are taken frm Vids. If u get wat I mean (the original file is far too big to b uploaded, thus Mom took a video of the video with her mobile). Its quite blur cuz its shot from the computer.

yupz that was a short clip of ME chasin a rubber duckie. Well, not rily chasin in this vid, but after dat yea I was chasin it. I was tryin to get bac to Mom here!!! Whom was standin @ the direction of the water jet, which meant harder & more kickins & strength required juz to swim to her. I muz be mad goin round in circles too!!! Gosh

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can share where is this place u bought them to? a petshop? or its personal?