Saturday, June 28, 2008

Starr, the Whippet

We've a pup wit us. A 2.8mth old Male Whippet (barkday 080408, 5.4kg), which Aunty D had named him - Starr.

He's Mitch's son, same kennel line - Alaric. Starr's a mid-range show quality dog (Mom: we've decided that his kennel name be, Alaric A Starr Is Born). Mom said she totally fell in love wit him the moment she carried him!!! I find that so hard to believe...

(Mom: he's the ultimately sweetie! A VERY fast & smart learner too. Peed & pooed on the newspapers. Altho he did miss once - on my mattress. Doesn't whine on his 1st nite (tonite), totally NO whinins over here @ all, sleeps peacefully @ nite on the mattress, isn't choosy wit food (on Raw now), SOOOO super ultra affectionate with every1 in the family! Sleeps curled up like a ball rite beside daddy on the mattress. Always lickin & "eatin" our hair... in teethin stage, thus, awiz chewin on wateva stuffs he comes across.

He's also a VERY lucky dog! Why? Only close friends of mine & some other ppl will know why... trust me he's 1 dat brings luck, joy & love to anyone.) Sometimes i wonder if its fate dat i chose him & brought him hm. somethin v wonderful, & yet ironic happened today - the day he came to me.)

Note that the "big bald hole" next to his blaze markin (on his face) is caused by playbitings frm his many siblins

see the many 'small holes' on his head? they'll heal very soon. look @ his beautiful Blaze markin! He's named Starr cuz of his "half star" markin on his thigh in this pix

some bumps on his belly which wil heal v soon too

he's shy @ times...

i was bein fwenly sayin hi to the newbie

also tellin him dat IM the Queen here, n that's MY bed he's lyin on

he sure is scared of me! here's him sprawlin on the mattress!

& then he 'mutilates' himself... i dunno y dun ask me

im watchin...

told ya im watchin u... dun try anythin farny in MY room

Mom put him bac on the bed! I tot i told her only im entitled to her bed??

bad bad stranger boy!!! on MY bed again!!!!

thus... The Queen has to remind him AGAIN. look @ how hes lookin @ Mom!!!! that pathetic face!!!

finally ur off my bed. do remember The Queen's commands yah...

rmb im awiz watchin u... whereva you're...

BTW, this is Starr's biological sister.

she's still available to Good Homes. Leave a msg here if ur interested in her.

(Mom: Starr, you're a blessin. A beautiful true gem indeed)

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Goofy said...

A bootiful Starr!!!!!

soooooo bootiful!!