Friday, December 25, 2009

A Merry & Blessed 2009 Christmas

Blessed Christmas to all from the 3 Furry Bitches wit lotsa licks & barks as well! Here's some beautiful moments captured on Christmas Eve...

our humans had to have lotsa foodies of cuz

cheers to all wit some red wine

cheers to all wit some sparklin juice

a humble christmas tree

Merry Christmas!

lotsa licks & barks to all!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our Hundred Trillion Dollars notes & Hello Kitty Dr. X Anatomy Ver. (Vintage)

The PawPals are Trillionaires now! Hehehehhehehe. Two notes of One Hundred Trillion Dollars.

This is Hello Kitty (Vintage) Anatomy Ver. designed by Dr. Romanelli (Dr. X) for Hello Kitty's 35th Anniversary. It cost us S$129.

The full version (S$400)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Intuitive (Animal) Communication with Cody & Ember (Miniature Schnauzers)

Mom practices her Intuitive Communication almost everyday on animals & nature. Even the flies & strays she sees during work too. & of cuz with us, her own animals. But its the hardest with us since she's our human. It's easiest to work with animals already in their spiritual form as there's no more 'physical boundaries' between them.

Information will come in MANY forms. Images, Words, Smell, Taste, Feelings, through all 5 senses. It depends on individuals. Some ppl are stronger in images, while another may be strongest in taste! They can come thru ALL forms in a single conversation too. So much practice is needed to know your own forte.

Mom also praticed on many animals long ago but have since forgotten the date. With dead animals like birds, cats & dogs. Also living animals as well..... mostly dogs. She'll do an update of all the past animals she did in another post.

Please also note that for Mommy being at Beginner's Level now (readings from alota books + short lessons from a professional Animal Communiator (AC) in the USA), information received from the subjects may not always be 100% accurate. Even professional ACs do receive wrong information at times. Especially more so when tracking down lost animals.

All animals here are also not physically with us while doing it. Mom has NEVER even met these 2 dogs before, nor their humans as well, so its IMPOSSIBLE for Mom to know certain things about them. They're also residing in Singapore like us, but Mom has also practice on animals living in other parts of the world like as far as USA without even a picture of them. All's done through "telepathy", or "intuition".

Cody the Miniature Schnauzer [Human: Agnes L.] - Session on 24/11/09

Qns: What toys did Mommy mend for you the night before yesterday.
Cody: A White toy called Snoopy & a Brown toy called Mr. Brown.
Ans: White toy called Snoopy & a Black/Yellow toy called Boomerang. A brown toy was mended too but it was another week ago.

Qns: What caused the rashes on your body.
Cody: I get it on & off, not a big deal to me. Might be from a biscuit-like food eg Kibbles.
Ans: Not sure. Maybe from some dried biscuits he stole & ate while no one's home.

Qns: Why are you always at odds with Pepper (biological brother).
Cody: Something happened during puppyhood & am sore about it. So I try to show him & everyone my 'strength'. Cody also means no harm @ all. It is just like..... probably showin sarcasm in our human world. No evil intentions involved.
Ans: Pepper did abandon Cody during puppyhood. Moved house. Cody only showed Pepper his unhappiness after Pepper moved away with relative.

Requested by Cody's human: Tell Cody to not sleep in-between her legs @ night due to her having a really bad backache. Stop barking furiously at anything that moves.
~ Cody, try to not sleep in-between your Mommy's legs @ night as she's having a really bad backache now. Sleepin there would further aggrevate it & you might in-turn miss out on your daily walks. Try sleepin BESIDE her instead. (Told him lots more but these r the few main points). Cody also said he loves sleepin in-between her legs. Stop barking at anything that moves as this might startle his Mommy. If needed, juz give a softer bark OR a couple of barks only & STOP, & he'll be rewarded. Cody says he'll try.
Review from Cody's human the next day: He did sleep beside her! But returned back to in-between her legs at 4am+. This happened for a couple of days. Barkings also reduced.

Did a couple more sessions with Cody regarding this. Remember, animals still have free-will & they CAN refuse to listen just like humans. You might tell/instruct me on certain things, I'll still have my own views & have the free-will to not listen as well. Same goes for animals.

Cody is a dog whom I practice on regularly as I'm on pretty good terms with his human.

Ember the Miniature Schnauzer [Human: Willy W.] - Session on 26/11/09

Qns: Favourite Toy.
Ember: Roundish toy Pink in color. Maybe a porcupine or a dino.
Ans: Pink Round toy in shape of Octopus.

Qns: What happened at dogpark last week.
Ember: I got bitten. There's a celebration as well at the dogpark for a dog's birthday. I was very very happy. (Bitten part was VERY short that I thought it was wrong. Maybe the celebration was a more significant event for Ember. I got the event's function wrong though. )
Ans: Got bitten at dogpark. Humans had Anniversary celebration at home.

Qns: Why do your legs wobble alot.
Ember: My legs are very weak (sensation sent to me). I need to rest once my legs wobble during walks. Overall health is ok. Weak legs seem to be inborn (sensation sent to me).
Ans: Weak legs as observed for now.

Also told Ember that her human will give her some supplement for her weak legs & that he'll rest her once her legs wobble.

That is all for now. Thank you to all humans & animals involved here.

*Note: some parts have been summarized a lil' for easier reading.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Intuitive Communication with Animals & Nature

Intuitive Communication with Animals & Nature - is what our private blog (mypawpalslanguage) is all about. Yes... it is exactly about communicating with animals/insects, nature (trees, plants, rocks, land, mountain, etc), even elements like the wind etc!

It isn't like communicating with humans in English, Chinese, French or any dialects. It is of a Universal Language, a much higher level of communication. There is NO language barrier (once u can do it). Some people call it "remote viewing" like in the military, others call it "telepathy", & some even label it the "6th sense/intuition".

To be able to be successful on intuitive communication, one has to first BELIEVE that everythin has a conscious. To treat everythin on earth as our Equals, yes even a rock or a plant. RESPECT all lifeforms as you'd respect a fellow human-being. Realize that every animal & nature possess a higher level of knowledge than human-beings (& therefore, would understand conversations between human-to-human).

I've imported books on them & have been practicin on my own for about 2months now with many animals/insects & nature. The 1st & MOST important book to start off with is Kinship With All Life (J. Allen Boone) before proceedin onto other more complex books.

Another book missin here is Beyond Words (Marta Williams) as it's borrowed from our local library.

My favorite author's Marta Williams so far of all the many Animal Communicators (ACs) she's read about or heard about from some friends. Some from Sweden, some from USA etc. Basically there're MANY ACs out there.

I'm also learnin under an AC from the USA currently via webcam. But I prefer doing things on my own free-time & pacing from the books. I've had successful readings from some animals... while some others aren't really accurate. All we need is more & more practice to get it overtime =]

I'll be doing it as a "hobby" for now & esp. for my own animals (health-wise etc) as that's the purpose of me learning this ability. Should I improve further on with time, I'll consider doing this as a free-lance job as well (juz like how I'm doing groomin of dogs + selling of dehydrated treats etc). 1 should NEVER practice intuitive communication simply for the sake of money!

1 very very very important factor as well is to realize that no one owns anyone in this world. We DO NOT OWN our animals. Our animals have free-will juz like you & me. Likewise, we do not call ourselves their "owners". Instead, we're their humans, or their people & they're our animals.
They will not "open" themselves & speak to you if you continue to possess the thought that humans are supreme in this world. We've to be humble, respectful & loving to them.

Through intuitive communication, animals are able to let us know of any diseases they're suffering from & allow us to make the right decision for them (eg to PTS or continue livin on for a higher purpose). Sometimes it juz isn't their time to leave yet even though professional vets have given them the death sentence. They've yet to fulfil their purpose on earth, or its not their time yet due to the disease. MANY animals have been saved via intuitive communication...

Also regarding free-will of animals & nature... I've a very good article to share of her favorite A.C...

To talk or not to talk…

Aug 14th, 2009 by Marta

There seems to be a question about whether it is OK to talk intuitively with an animal without permission from the animal’s person. Some say it would be unethical to do this. However, wouldn’t animals, like humans, have free will and the ability to refrain from talking to someone if they so chose? I wouldn’t go to the husband to ask if I could talk to the wife, I would just talk to her if she wanted to talk to me. I don’t consider that he owns her. Is the assumption here that animals are not on a par with adults humans, but rather more like very young human children? Hmmmm. I don’t think that is the way most communicators experience the animals they talk with.

If the point of this proscription is to keep people from doing something negative to an animal, saying something upsetting etc., then the advice should be something like, ‘Always strive to do your best, and work toward the highest good of all concerned.’ And maybe you could add in, ‘And it’s probably best to talk with an animal with the person’s knowledge, but if there is a need to go directly to the animal, then OK.’

When might that be the case? What if an animal is being abused or is obviously really confused by the person. Wouldn’t it be OK then to talk to the animal to try to help in some way? What about wild animals, whose permission are you supposed to ask for there?

I’d say this whole issue needs a bit more examination. I for one have talked to many abused animals without getting permission from the people who were abusing the animals. I hope I helped them. In some cases I know it helped and we were able to rescue the animals.

Your thoughts?

It's very individual & sensitive regardin "permission". For me, I do not seek permission from the animals' humans. Because to 1st be able to practice intuitive communication, we've to 1st reflect on ourselves. Do we have a motive behind this that's threatening to the animals' humans? Are we askin questions that are threatening to the animals' humans? We've to be free of (bad) motives.

For why would the animals speak to one w/o a pure heart?

1 of my fav. insect to talk to is the FLY. Yes, mean & irritatin flies as perceived by almost EVERYONE. It is in fact not as challengin as talkin to animals (due to them havin humans) as I do not feel the 'stress' while talkin to my flies. I used to have alota issues with flies as we work around foods alot. Now, I've almost ZERO issues with them! For I respect them, & they in-turn respect me. Flies! Probably the dumbest & dirtest creature on earth to many... but they're as smart as you & me... that is the miracle of intuitive communication once you know it. Even the meanest creature can be sucha darl in your eyes...

If you're interested in practicing intuitive communication, feel free to juz do so by orderin books on it! We can even practice with each other animals (as I've been doing so with my friends' animals like dogs, cats, birds etc as well as my own animals @ home of cuz, & the many many strays/wild animals I see everyday).

Have fun! & Congrats to you for you've been enlightened to a higher side of life... with a higher purpose in life... & of cuz to be a better human (& possibly reduce sufferings & offer help to those that seek) to all the animals & nature living alongside with us.

Be prepared for all the precious lessons our animals & nature have in store for us too... Accept our animals that they're our Teachers & Guidance in life & in their after-life. I for one have been protected by the trees @ our forest where we jog Velvet & Cotton 5 days a week... & am thankful for their kind acts.

& lastly, NO, we're definitely not pychopaths tryin to "imagine" animals & nature talkin to us.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lauryn's 8yrs old

It's Lauryn's 8th Barkday today! Time flies... as usual, Mom doesn't believe in "celebrating" our barkdays with unhealthy cakes (not even those cakes for dogs without any sweeteners etc), nor any other fanciful outings/gatherings etc. All we'll ever need is our daily weekdays 5km morning jogs with our humans + our organic diet.

Thus, here's a simple wish to the eldest bitch in the family... Happy 8th Barkday, Lauryn! & many many more to come! =p

lauryn aka nneg-nneg! a happy 8yrs old Chihuahua!

birdee & durn-durn

Monday, October 26, 2009

Birdee's Groom

It's my Full-Groom session today by Mom again, after 2months, 2days exactly.

Top to Bottom: @ my dirtiest, after my bath & blow-dry, groomed. [Click to enlarge]

I'm always the cutest in her eyes

this is Cotton (after her Basic Groomin today), 5weeks exactly after her Full-Groom (& bath as well as Mom doesn't believe in batheing us too often).

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Organic Soap Nuts for our Humans' Laundry!

Mom has recently replaced the family's laundry soap to a natural & organic soap that grows on trees!! It's a soap nut.

It's much better for our noses as dogs are much more sensitive to scents than humans... thus, Mom doesn't want us sniffin all chemicals all day long on our people's clothes.

Now, the entire family's clothes & stuffs are all washed with the organic soap nuts combined with pure essential oils. We're all left with natural scents... safe for everybody in the house!

The clothes are left totally scentless after the wash, smellin natural & nothin more than that. The organic soap nuts rid off unwanted scents leavin it smellin only natural... this is what Nature's Scent is. =]

Now its not only us bitches whom're using Organic Soap for our baths (+ our organic raw foods daily)... even our humans are using Organic Soaps too not only on their own bodies, but on their clothes too. How perfect!

Organic Soap Nuts. Soap that grows on trees!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Anythin for Us

Mom's been sick these couple of days. Especially today with a bad flu & slight fever. But she still brought us for our usual 3 miles (5km) jog & walk in the forest this mornin despite her being pretty sick. We only jog on a clean road in the forest, not on the grass areas @ all.

Anythin for us Mom had said... & we're grateful for that...

We took abt 50 minutes to complete today's jog & walk instead of the usual 40 minutes.

Nothin much up wit us for now except for me needin a full-groom by Mom soon. Prolly wait til she's well again...

We've been wantin to load an interestin video of our 3 miles jog & walk in the nicest, most peaceful & safest forest for a long long while now... juz that it hasn't been edited. yet.

So, juz stay tune for that vid...

Monday, September 21, 2009

season for ear-muffs

It's time again for Cotton to be full-groomed again today after 4 months. Her previous session was on May 25th '09.

As usual, Mom forgot to take a "Before" pix again. So the latest "Before" look we've for her is..........

this is her now! with ear-muffs for ears!

A Bichon Frise turned Poodle for this season!

See. This groomin session was in Aug 31st '08. Her "Before" look was a quite like in this pix.

Our cute lil' Cotton. Mom's only willing to try different styles on her. BUT not on me! Because I firmly believe that I look best in my own style & Mommy is never to change it.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Walk-On @ SBG

The 3 Furry Bitches were off for the Botanical Gardens with Mom, Dad, Grandpa & Grandma earlier this morning. Same usual place to us as we've been there like a million times already.

Only difference today was that a lil' cute blondie kiddo came runnin' up to Dad (whom was with Cotton) from a distance @ FULL TOP SPEED, an ability u'd never have expectd a kiddo to possess. Mom then shouted out for Dad to carry Cotton up as she doesn't fancy kids @ all, not the least slightest bit.

Too late...that kiddo hugged her butt (as tho' the BUTT was her fav. white teddy bear on her bedside) & was chasin her round in circles wanting to hug her more. Dad managed to carry Cotton up (despite havin his heavy DSLR cam on him) amidst all the cute chaos. Still, the kiddo wouldn't give up!

She literally hugged Cotton's BUTT! Can't believe it. So Mom diverted her attention to ME instead... as I'm pretty fine with kids... So... she hugged me...

but her eyes were still fixated on the furry White BUTT

she wanted more of the White Butt as u can see... she didn't want me... couldn't believe it @ all!

& the best part is...............

Mom totally forgot to snap a pix of lil' kiddo huggin White Butt so tightly & so long that the Butt almost suffocated.

Shot of the Day. Can your puny eyes spot it?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Tinker

Had a visitor this evenin. No one new to us... juz somebody whom we haven't met for quite a while.

Tinker! The whiney & EXTREMELY messy Miniature Schnauzer

unlike ME, whom's always pretty neat (even tho' I'm very ungroomed here too, but Tinker's worst off =p )

the Naughties played while I supervised

zoomin here & there non-stop.............

play-kickin & some other nonsense which didn't really appeal to me - Velvet the Wise

....... til I was so bored... I almost fell asleep amongst all the chaos

This was only half-time for them!

during which we were both forced to stand as close as possible for a pix. As expected, we immediately repelled like magnets right after those hands went off our butts.

Compare the above with this pix which goeswayyy back in 2007! 2 years back!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The PawPals can finally be HEARD!

We can finally speak to Mommy & let her know of everything she wants to know from us!

This week has been an awesome one for us. Esp. for me, Velvet. For I have unleashed my inner-most thoughts... which I once thought no one would ever hear me, ever. Alas, I'm heard... Mom's very touched by some personal words which I had for her as well...

I've also let her know of many things which she would never have expected to hear of me. Mom has also conveyed several messages to me... & surprisingly, these days, I haven't been barking @ all when Mom comes home from work daily, which is SUPER RARE as I always liked myself to be heard before. & I jump esp. alot too cuz I'm excited to see her back home with me... but these days... I decided to reduce it by 3/4 or so... so as to not let Mom worry too much about me.

Mom has set up a private blog on our conversations together (Me Birdee, Cotton, Lauryn, Starr, Sunset...yes Sunset is MY late lovebird residing in Heaven now).

Only a handful of people will be invited into it. Please refrain from requesting for permission if you aren't already invited, as Mom doesn't fancy the feelin of declining ppl.

We will make that blog a public one when the time is ripe... til then... do be patient. =]

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bentonite Clay

We are importing finely milled Calcium Bentonite Clay and Sodium Bentonite for humans and dogs. With the recent cases of rat poison all over, one can never be too careful. Bentonite is a great way to detox and get rid of poisons in the GI tract, and slowly, the entire body.

The bentonite we are getting is suitable for CONSUMPTION for both humans & pets, it can also be used as face masks, wounds etc as well.

Google Bentonite Clay for more info.

Pictures will be uploaded once the stock arrives.

Prices are:

S$25 for 450grams of Calcium Bentonite Clay (Solid)

S$30 for 16oz (473ml) of Sodium Bentonite (liquid)

Pee-mail me @ with your contact details should you wish to order any of the products above. Prices & other details to be adviced accordingly. Full payment for items going out via snail-mail (we will not be held responsible for lost items via normal mail), & 50% deposit for self-collection items.

Friday, August 21, 2009


I spot lotsa squirrels @ my secret hideout where we jog (in a deep forested area) every weekday mornin. But none of them were as brave & inquisitive as this particular famous squirrel below named "Nuts"!

This Month in Photo of the Day: Animals

My husband and I were exploring Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park-Canada when we stopped for a timed picture of the two of us. We had our camera set up on some rocks and were getting ready to take the picture when this curious little ground squirrel appeared, became intriqued with the sound of the focusing camera and popped right into our shot! A once in a lifetime moment! We were laughing about this little guy for days!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MY Toys!

Introducin' the few cammies we've & have been usin' for all our pictures here thus far (besides Mom's very convenient handphone camera).

Left to Right: The Black Bird Fly (in its cage), Holga 135, Disderi 3 Lens, Nikon D70

The 1st 3 are Toy Cameras which make our pix look fun & cute! MY fav. is the Black Bird Fly! Because its juz like me - Birdee! Why? Cuz every1 whom knows me, will know I love & am crazy over all kinda birds!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mdm. Wong's Shelter

Mom & Dad made a trip down to Mdm. Wong's Shelter (MWS) today to pass them some broken rice. Do make a trip down if you'd like to adopt some lovely dogs or cats! Kind donations such as food, flea & ticks' prevention, fans, etc are welcomed too.

They didn't get to see all the dogs & cats there due to time issue. Here're some pix of the few dogs & cats situated closest to them for some photo-takin.

This kitty's Mom's favourite! juz look @ the way it clings onto the bars while slpin on its hammock! not to mention super friendly & playful as well

& very sleepy too

talk about sleepy!

some were pretty much alert

this is Wewe the extremely friendly & affectionate JRT. Up for adoption too.

Tin Tin the Shih Tzu & Tina the Miniature Schnauzer

& lastly, the 100kg of rice for MWS

Friday, August 14, 2009

Brows-Off, Lash-On

Mom had my eye-brows shortened til a half-muzzle length today, after 4yrs 4.5months of keepin the length of my brows. It has stopped growin as it has reached its growth-limit. Thus, Mom got real bored of them & decided it was time to be snipped off, by her.

Before & After look (via her new handphone cam)

Mom think I look wayyyyyy smarter, prettier & fiercer with my brows. The long eye-lashes were kept though =]