Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our 2nd Garage

Today's our 2nd Garage-day. Nice weather. Nice walkies.

*bleh* again frm Miss Brown!

Mr. Poke!

Miss Long-Eye-Lashes

as above...

1-eye-dragon? No.... its 1-eye-DURN!


the world of modellin


we were very honored to have our breakfast there wit our humans

drawin of mom & us relaxin, starin out the sea, enjoyin the breeze...

signin out,

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kill the Convict. Mutilate the Vet.

We've some VERY VERY early bark-day pressies today from Elvis-ma! Cotton's 3rd barkday's in exactly 21 days from now! Whereas mine's 59 days away.

durn durn!

me me!

The Convict & The Vet. Convict belongs to Cotton cuz she's a jailbird! The Vet belongs to Velvet, ME becuz my name ends wit VET! ima go mutilate the vet now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (since it says there PULL ME APART!) ur wish is granted Mr. Vet......... & Convict.

she's killin the convict slowly............... KILL KILL KILL

she's v v happy as u can see......... mayb cuz the convict's already half dead...

Thank you Elvis-ma! & Elvis, we hope ur havin fun too destroyin your lil' 'characters'!!!

hmmm lets see....... where r the damn hands of theirs...........................

Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Lil' Garage

Life in Singapore for us is quite mundane I muz say... don't u agree?

Until 1 fine mornin like this, Mom brought us here to this colorful place filled with wind & life!

dad sketched all these while he was there... so u can imagine how inspirin & relaxin this place is...

Poke's jumpin outta the pic...

& we're mighty glad of dat as we'll hav all the winds to ourselves w/o that obstacle




sometimes after pokin fun @ the petty white 1, i'll hav to pacify her a lil' too...

& altho I pacify spoilt brats, I'm still a mighty-queen-bitch-in-da-house

durn enterin into another dimension???

sometimes I get a lil' too thirsty... I seriously felt like drinkin from that fountain! heh


& sometimes I feel like plungin into the big huge huge pool... since its so hot ya'noe

& the dumb 1 tinks ima bout to end my life... so she's beggin me not to...

a lil' handsome & cute... did i say CUTE? lil' stranger came along & liked me ALOT. Durn hates strangers, not to mention KIDDOS. As usual, she performed her infamous 'Bark-Combo' @ him. Or maybe she wanna practice her Wing Chun Kungfu to beat Poke hands-down durin their next battle... so dat explains y she's not in the pix wit him........

& I uh-hem, obviously have to take a pix wit this lil' cute dude...

he was a lil' afraid of the lao-sai-poke cuz he was so much bigger den him. opps did i juz reveal yet another of his retarded nick.....?

lao-sai-poke was v eager to get home as u can c... for wat? i dunno.. mayb to lao-sai?

A few sketches Dad did of me!


simply me - laobird

To end off, I present to you, Mom's FAVORITE pix of ME for the day..............

Happy Chinese New Year from us all........ Lao-Bird, Lao-Durn, Lao-Sai-Poke, & Lao-nneg!!