Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Lil' Garage

Life in Singapore for us is quite mundane I muz say... don't u agree?

Until 1 fine mornin like this, Mom brought us here to this colorful place filled with wind & life!

dad sketched all these while he was there... so u can imagine how inspirin & relaxin this place is...

Poke's jumpin outta the pic...

& we're mighty glad of dat as we'll hav all the winds to ourselves w/o that obstacle




sometimes after pokin fun @ the petty white 1, i'll hav to pacify her a lil' too...

& altho I pacify spoilt brats, I'm still a mighty-queen-bitch-in-da-house

durn enterin into another dimension???

sometimes I get a lil' too thirsty... I seriously felt like drinkin from that fountain! heh


& sometimes I feel like plungin into the big huge huge pool... since its so hot ya'noe

& the dumb 1 tinks ima bout to end my life... so she's beggin me not to...

a lil' handsome & cute... did i say CUTE? lil' stranger came along & liked me ALOT. Durn hates strangers, not to mention KIDDOS. As usual, she performed her infamous 'Bark-Combo' @ him. Or maybe she wanna practice her Wing Chun Kungfu to beat Poke hands-down durin their next battle... so dat explains y she's not in the pix wit him........

& I uh-hem, obviously have to take a pix wit this lil' cute dude...

he was a lil' afraid of the lao-sai-poke cuz he was so much bigger den him. opps did i juz reveal yet another of his retarded nick.....?

lao-sai-poke was v eager to get home as u can c... for wat? i dunno.. mayb to lao-sai?

A few sketches Dad did of me!


simply me - laobird

To end off, I present to you, Mom's FAVORITE pix of ME for the day..............

Happy Chinese New Year from us all........ Lao-Bird, Lao-Durn, Lao-Sai-Poke, & Lao-nneg!!

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