Friday, March 30, 2007


Yes, its China again back with its business of the inhumane slaughterin of dogs & cats for food..delicacies to be precise.

The haunting sound of animal wailing fills the air.
Dogs are crammed so tightly together into tiny metal cages they cannot even bark. Yards away the blood-spattered carcasses of others lie on the ground.

This is Three Birds' Market in Guangzhou, China, officially described as a poultry market.
But, as these exclusive pictures show, many traders on the 60-acre site are doing brisk business selling dogs and cats to restaurants for slaughter and human consumption.

"...when an animal is chosen for sale it is bludgeoned with an iron bar until it is close to death before, being handed over to the purchaser. "

"The customers want fresh 'live' meat," said Huang Lu Sheng, one of the stallholders.

"When the dog dies slowly there is much more flavour in the meat. Some customers want the dog half-dead.

"Then the taste is very strong and they can prove to their customers that the meat is really fresh.

I do not care about the dog suffering. It is only to eat and the customer is the one that chooses how it should die. (I say we cook the damn customers instead!!!!!!!)

"But most customers actually want the dog beaten to death and put in a plastic bag. It's easier to carry like that."

Read more bout it @:

How can any sane person with a conscience do that?? So much so for holdin the Olympic Games @ sucha barbaric place...

This compassion doesn't go all out only to household pets like us... take a look @...

I go wobbly @ my legs while readin that article! I feel so sorry for my fella friends there... may those SICK HUMANS rot in hell & be treated in the same exact manner! Sorry, am juz too... too sad to go on...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm 2 today!

It's MY 2nd Birthday today!!! M brought us to see my biological brother, Tagen... & other friends...

Which's me?

yes im the one in the foreground. my silly bro CAN NEVER sit still!

Notice Tagen's ears are cropped smaller? he's MUCH heavier than me now! plumper in fact, as of the last i saw of him. I'm currently bout 6kg. I used to be much heavier than him as i think im heavier-boned. seems not the case now lol lol

no, M is not stranglin him...he simply CANNOT keep still!!

this Newfoundland is Laven... n no i ain't afraid of this giant...

neither is cotton...

this is Valen, Laven's girlfriend...

2 moo moos?

is he erm...prayin??

Where's Valen?

Cotton kept barkin @ Valen...sucha fiesty lil' fella huh! One nip frm Valen & she's minced! But Valen's kind... she's a B.F.G (Big Friendly Giant).

ok ima go eat now...ciaoz for now! & Happy Woofday to myself!!!

Lotsa luv,


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

daily walks

Here's us @ our usual daily walks...

Guess what i saw!!

a fierce pussycat!!! *bein meany me, i chased it as usual*

crazy me dashin down

pose for mom!

wats dat i saw??? zit a cat???

a friend's 5 mths old Goldie named Bobby

land full of treats!

mom groomed us after our walk...that's me after a hand-strippin session. i dozed off after that...notice my fur's straighter & shinier? hmm...honestly, i dun care...

& then 'someone' had to squeeze in with me!! argh...

signin off...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dehydrated Exotic Treats (Click this)

M had her 1st go @ dehydratin treats like pig's tongue, & salmon tail for us today!

Please visit our Natural Pawpals website for prices of our natural products!
Here are some before/after pictures of our natural dehydrated treats.

Raw Silverfish

Dehydrated Silverfish

Raw Shishamo (aka Capelin, aka 'pregnant' fish)

Dehydrated Shishamo

Raw Pig Tendons

Dehydrated Pig Tendons (100g in pix)

Raw Beef Lungs

Dehydrated Beef Lungs

Cooked Pigs' Maw

Dehydrated Pigs' Maw

Raw Whole Chicken Feet

Dehydrated Chicken Feet (approximately 20 grms each)

Raw Sliced Potatoes

Dehydrated Potatoe Slices

Raw Crocodile Tail Meat

Dehydrated Crocodile Tail Meat

Raw Chicken Wing Tips

Dehydrated Chicken Wing Tips

Raw Boneless Batang Fish

Dehydrated Boneless Batang Fish

Raw Prawns (w/o shells) & Sotong

Dehydrated Sotong

Dehydrated Prawns

Raw Kuning Fishies (Bones can be fed as it doesn't splinter becuz they're dried. NOT COOKED.

Dehydrated Kuning (Bones serve as a source of calcium)

Raw Suan Chim Fishies

Dehydrated Suan Chim insides

Dehydrated whole Suan Chim

Raw Mutton

Dehydrated Mutton

Raw Pigs Hearts

Dehydrated PIGS' HEARTS! de yummiest n nicest smellin of em all!!!!

Raw Pork

Dehydrated Pork

Dehydrated Pigs' Livers

Before: Salmon Tails (M forgot that u can't air dry fats/oily stuffs (salmon skin in this case) as it'll turn rancid. shucks. dat means we gotta finish them fast!

2 Pigs' Tongues

Pigs' Tongue, Salmon Tail

Skinless & Boneless Salmon (After)

Beef/Mutton Lungs (M ordered it frm a forum member for a gd cause. Part of the proceeds goes to Mutts & Mittens Animal Shelter)

Raw Sliced Chicken Breasts Strips (Before)


After they're done, take them out & cool it down @ room temperature.

The goal of dehydratin these raw foods is to maintain as much nutrients as possible through dehydration. Cookin them (usin microwaves, ovens, stoves) will lose almost all of its nutrients.