Friday, March 23, 2007


Guess what? M woke up early in the mornin & went down to CK Tang to buy us a...

...Food Dryer aka Dehydrator! yippie! now we'll have nice exotic air-dried treats like animals offals, tongues, fruits, etc etc! hip hip hooray!!!

M, we hereby pledge to be good lil' gals for the rest of our lives!

M: yah rite~~~ pls, don't make me laff my ass off

Straight after M came back, Devil the Shih Tzu came for a full groom. Here's some pix of him after groomin. Poor boy, gotta shave down due to heavy matts + ticks + it was owner's request to.

Too bad, M, as usual, forgot to take the before pix~

Signin off,
de 3 notoriously lovely bitches!

- airechicks & Oscar airedales: yes, mom loves it loads
- benviv: yupz gd fone wit superb cam haha. but broke rdy ;...(

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Oscar Airedale said...

Ooh, the dehydrator thingy looks interesting!

Oscar x