Wednesday, March 14, 2007

CNY '07 @ Sentosa

18th March 2007 was the 1st day of CNY & guess what! It was my silly white sister's birthday too! She turned one. BUT...still behavin like a 3mth old pup~ sheesh. Anyways, here's what we did that day...

Mom brought us to Sentosa! To the beach we went. Place was crowded...with people. Sadly, not many other dogs were spotted there. & even if they were, they're weren't swimmin like us. & btw I so damn hate the waves~
Sadly, not many pix taken that day as it was pretty troublesome to carry the cam arnd while playin.

in the cabbie

no fishies????? awww~ what a wasted trip!

boo hoo...

Cotton sure is the better swimmer here~

& I thought we juz had our baths above????


vern said...

hahaha...they look like theyre enjoying themselves...and your dad's nasi lemak looks great...better than the chicken rice i just had T.T

jadey- said...

wat lousy chicken rice u had? come come...let the "famous self taught" chef's daughter whip up a sumptuous plate of traditional hainanese chicken rice. ;p ;p ;p

jadey- said...

**for you