Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Happy Birthday to MEEEE!!! I'm 3 today! Mom gave me a very 'nice' pressie. Nothin like wat u imagine... not foodies...nt treaties... BUT...........

a very fun day out @ a photography studio @ M***h Me***. Lemme let u guys in on a secret... me me posed on a Chopper!!! Ok, the pix of the Chopper I posed on is a cheaper one compared to the link.

But nonetheless, I think I look GREAT!! Too bad Mom forgot to snap a pix usin her h/p as it was too chaotic to get me to pose til it slipped off her mind!!! It's ok... u guys juz wait 3weeks later for Mom to collect the pix yea...

Meanwhile... Mom snapped some pix of Blue the cat, kept by M***h Me***. He's sooo cute but I was a lil' scared of him as he hissed @ me in his cage!

sorry its a lil' blur. But u shld noe y his name is Blue... cuz of his eyes!

Mom offered him 1 of my dehydrated fish! look @ him starin blurly @ it!

the set & props! er... it was all over when Mom snapped this pix...

I'm so excited to see MY look-alike 'Harley Davidsons" pix!! ME - a cool dude ridin' a Harley Davidsons! ooOooO.

oh b4 i forget, Mom also bought some pix of Cotton & Me durin our puppyhood.. Cotton @ 3.5mths old, & Me @ 1yr old... So if ur rily keen to see them.....
Watch this space soon!!! 3 weeks later that is...

Once again, Happy (3rd) Birthday to Beautiful, Sweet & Smartie ME!!!!! thanx all!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Beach Fun

Yipz u guessed it! Off we went to the BEACH again!

We arrived a lil' later today tho'. @ around 8am... there were more dogs as usual as the mornin went by... (Mom: We forgot to take pix of our dear Lauryn [& Cotton!!!] Gosh!)

can u spot me (sexy butt) wit a bootiful sheltie? n many many many men?

this is Max the shetland!

me mits max

mitch mits max

chut chut...

that's a Goldie, Bailey!

dats me doin my THANG again

this is Elva! a 6mths old Mini Schnauzer! a mini-me...

she luvs to play wit me! but i din rily wanna...

see she can't get enuf of me

Miss Elva...

on the way hm! a drenchy white lookin GHOST

dun u juz luv the beach? a land of fun n fwens! many many fwens! Mom didn't manage to snap more pix of other fwens... becuz she was too dirty to hold the cammie!

so dats all for today... til the next beach again!

oh btw, my bird-day is on 28th March... Mom says she has a surprise for me... i wonder wat it is!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Beachy Beach welcomes us Bitches again!

3 Furry Bitches to the beach @ 7am! yupz yupz its one of our fav place to go. MY fav.!

(Mom: Velvet ran for the waters today (many times) for the very 1st time (altho nt dat deep)! mayb its cuz of the super low tide @ bout 0.6m. but nonetheless... im so proud of my alpha bitch...)

my 6.5yrs old sister! Lauryn!

c how young she still looks wen she SMILES!

this is yours truly of cuz

almost time to pawty!

such an old sch pix of beautiful me...

he's awiz sooo peaceful!

Gio's in 'BINTAN'!!!!!!!!!

see, u see! I can never outrun him!!!!!!!!

so I act like a shark n lunge a sudden attack on him! TAKE DAT!

& THIS!!!

hey u! want a piece of me too?!

in mickey mouse style? ;p

help's on the way...


...for this white one!!

my sea-horse shadow

my manice...

... juz can't let me enjoy my waters in peace...

... i showed him ANGER! HEAR ME RAWR!!

still nt shoo00-in' away eh...

i show u WRATH this time!!

gd.... flee to ur mommy...

see my brave sister...

ur tough... tiny n tough

watch this dude drop his ballie...

mini mitch

now i found my ballie...

would u believe i foot-drew the snowman-like image on the sand?

cuz nt! now c my octopus-mouth

watch me do seal!

& a hare!

now dat looks like a white HARE!

watch it prance arnd me...

& ZOOOM like a HARE!!!

den came some other dogs... furry ones... (Mom: this alpha bitch RUNS to EVERY incomin dogs n owners to check 'em out!)

& bald 1s

dats my Lauryn! brave brave! (Mom: this bitch swims real FAST despite her small frame!! every1 was shocked haha)

me hugz her for her bravery...

& escort her...

the coast's clear! lets go bac!

We had a weeeeeeeee gr8 mornin!