Saturday, March 22, 2008

Beach Fun

Yipz u guessed it! Off we went to the BEACH again!

We arrived a lil' later today tho'. @ around 8am... there were more dogs as usual as the mornin went by... (Mom: We forgot to take pix of our dear Lauryn [& Cotton!!!] Gosh!)

can u spot me (sexy butt) wit a bootiful sheltie? n many many many men?

this is Max the shetland!

me mits max

mitch mits max

chut chut...

that's a Goldie, Bailey!

dats me doin my THANG again

this is Elva! a 6mths old Mini Schnauzer! a mini-me...

she luvs to play wit me! but i din rily wanna...

see she can't get enuf of me

Miss Elva...

on the way hm! a drenchy white lookin GHOST

dun u juz luv the beach? a land of fun n fwens! many many fwens! Mom didn't manage to snap more pix of other fwens... becuz she was too dirty to hold the cammie!

so dats all for today... til the next beach again!

oh btw, my bird-day is on 28th March... Mom says she has a surprise for me... i wonder wat it is!!

1 comment:

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh you guys really have lotsa fun. I like the pic of 3 of you all linig up butt sniffing. hahaha