Saturday, June 23, 2012

White Monster VS Cat Monster

This is how the white one plays with the kitty. Just for everyone's info in case you think why you're not seeing any posts of me playing with Chewy and think I'm a stuck-up bitch... you see... I only like SMALL/BABY animals ie lovebirds (my fav. late Sunset), guinea pigs (my three late piggies), chinchillas (my pair of late chinchillas), KITTENS (a once-chewy) and PUPPIES. I don't fancy them once they're PHYSICALLY grown up like kittens and puppies.

Chewy and I used to be pretty close when she was still a cute KITTEN when Mom & Dad picked her up at around 4 months young... ie some of the pix below of once-sweet-us...

her infamous pissed face when we FIRST met & me briefing her
on our house-rules

i'm 5kg and she was a tiny kitten then.
she's 3.2kg NOW so u can imagine her size difference

7 months young Chewy. still acceptable... still pretty cute.

my cutie somehow grew into this monster.
3.2kg monster cat VS 2.2kg Chihuahua.
2yo VS 11yo

who also self-invites & tries to squeeze into anyone's slping space

So white monster will fight with cat monster. I only like to hang around kittens. New kitten for me, mom?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Scallop's Boarding

Scallop the big-boy miniature schnauzer came for boarding from 01 June to 10 June. Mom (and basically everyone else) thinks he's a small lil' cutie boy in a big bod... well, not that big.

He's a young boy, but not a pup. So I won't play with him or let him play with me like I allow puppies and lil' cute kittens to.

We take awhile to be nice to doggies that come here for boarding. We barked and Cotton growled at Scallop initially when he was dropped off here. But after awhile we'll be nice. It's just us. So don't be scared when we do that to you especially Cotton. Mom describes her as... like a child with zero manners.

first day and Cotton is already as usual... revealing herself

who can say no to this face

Pics were taken with a mobile camera so quality's pretty low.

the stare-off

look who's below the cat, in case you haven't noticed

a lil' gift from scallop-pa! too cute.

Thanks Scallop-pa!