Thursday, November 29, 2007

Seriously?!?! More Negative Comments from Media abt Rotties

Followin up on the Rotties' Attack news yesterday, things have seriously worsened today. In today's Straits Times Home pg 4, Mdm Kuar (owner of the 5 rotties) said, "It was the NATURAL INSTINCT of a larger dog, rottweiler or not, to ATTACK a smaller dog. And that was EXACTLY what happened."

SERIOUSLY!!!! This old woman has I tink like several BILLIONS of loose screws in her head!!! She has obviously worsened things so much! Now, more Singaporeans are gonna be SOOOO terrified of "BIG DOGS" because it is their "NATURAL INSTINCT" to attack!! WHAT NONSENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention she AIN'T FIT to own any Rotties @ all!!!!! In this case, FIVE Rotties!! She has proven herself that she isn't in the right mind to own any dogs @ all since she has that ROTTEN THINKIN!!!!!

Please continue to read on about more negative media remarks on Rottweilers @ Bear's Blog.

Again, I urge EVERYBIRDIE to not be afraid of bigger breeds or rather, all dogs! U NEVER KNOW WHEN UR GONNA OWE UR LIFE TO US KIND ONE DAY!!! TO A ROTTWEILER!!!!!

[Mom: I seriously do not understand why so many ppl are punishin the BREED & not the deed! Rotties have been much known for their loyalty, strength & love. It is those people whom DO NOT have a love & full understandin of the breed dat DO NOT deserve to own them & end up spoilin their reputation! I hope ppl will juz freakin wake up. People are a million times scarier than dogs!! So please, do not make dogs up to be the most fearsome thing on Earth. Particularly here in Singapore where I see people of huge sizes JUMPIN & SQUEALIN & HIDIN & YELLIN upon seein a dog the size of a Chihuahua. People, PLEASE WAKE UP UR BLARDY IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Seriously. I hope things do get better & the media to STOP portrayin NEGATIVELY on Rotties or BIG BREEDS or rather, all DOGS...



Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Punish the DEED, not the BREED!

Sigh, Singapore is definitely not a doggy-fwenly country @ all. To make it worse, there has been many incidents on dog 'attacks' recently. Most people are also not so friendly to us doggies. The most recent incident can be read @ Bear's Blog. He is a big big fwenly rottie whom's tryin to help his kind.

Mom also knows of a few other incidents as well, where the dog definitely suffered more severe wounds than the JRT incident in Bear's Blog. However, Mom has decided not to go into detail of the other stories as they may turn out quite controversial in our typical country.

[Mom: this is lifted off a local dog forum which I tink is definitely worth readin whether ur an animal (dog) lover or not (frm Particleman):

Dear All,

I am sending this message out to all people here and on behalf of other working dog owners and responsible owners.

First of all, Please do not mistake those dogs for mine, as since this morning I have been asked this so many times. Because I too am a Sikh and I keep Dobermanns, and some people have confused me with those irresponsible dog owners.

Second, there are a number of well behaved and bred Rottweilers and other breeds like Dobermanns, GSD, Boxers in Singapore, which have lived peacefully with others and caused no problems.

There are also responsible owners like myself, who understand the breed well, and also train them and socialise them. I would never allow my male dobermanns unleashed at any time, and not near other dogs. Its their instinct and job to protect me and my family and friends against any other dogs or aggressive people . These are working dogs, companion and guardians. In fact, we do not even let 2 male dobermann adults together, in normal circumstances.

No doubt the Dobermann is far more intelligent than the Rottweiler, but we will be confused and mistaken as the same now - in fact, realise that now because of those irresponsible owners, all big dogs owners will face discrimination and possible abuse and AVA will come down harder on us. We already have to deal with a bad public image, muzzling laws, etc etc.. and those idiots simply just made it worse.

Accidents do happen, but its what happens after that matters. To say its not serious matter, and to brush it off does other big dog owners no good. I understand it was not done in purpose, but nonetheless, they need to be more careful and vigilant and offer compensations and apologies and make a statement for their dogs.

I fear for the dogs now.... having poor owners and now suffering for it.

I have handled, bred, shown and even rehomed Rottweilers before. I have seen extremely friendly Rotties, who are also Shutzhund trained and have IPO qualifications. I have met and handled all kinds of rotties. I can tell u its in the breeding and care, training and socialization. Do not assume all Rotties are the same, especially the locally bred ones from pet shops and farms.

The Rottweiler is a good breed, and the standard calls for a dog with a medium sharpness, temperament, and affection for owner and children. This is the correct Rottweiler, which would not have attacked another dog in a pack. So, please, before anyone casts judgement, please understand its not the Rottweiler breed at fault.

Punish the deed, not the breed

It is very unfortunate this incident happened. In any other country, honestly this is small news. Dogs fight, dogs bite, dogs get into trouble, and there are always irresponsible owners. But in Singapore, this is troubling news. Our press may make a big deal of it. Moreover, this is just what AVA needs to further restrict big dog owners here.

If somebody cannot understand the breed or handle them, then by all means, please consider another type of dog to have. To keep saying they are friendly and playful does no help to the breed. Every dog is friendly and playful. Every dog is territorial. Some more so than others. And traditionally, Rotties are used to protect farms, homes and estates, and they are defence-aggresion oriented.

But a well bred, trained, and socialized rottweiler, malinois, dobermann, GSD,etc would not attack a dog without grave provocation or command. So, end of the day, please dont assume all big dogs and working breeds are the same or have the same kind of instincts or mentality. Its a big part in the breeding, individual character and mostly the owner

Lastly... We all trust and sincerely hope that AVA will make decisions that are not based on public emotions, and not punitive....and "politically" correct moves. The recent measures are already restrictive enough.

I urge all dog owners and lovers to not discriminate against the Rottweiler and other big dogs.

It is not a misunderstood breed. its unfortunate their owners are the ones who misunderstand the breed themselves...]

I hope all dog owners will be more responsible. This isn't doin any good for us here, particularly of those breeds above. We definitely DO NOT want a Breeds Legislation here in future. & its also definitely wrong for the owners to shirk responsibilities when the poor other dog already sustained such serious injuries.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Majesty On Board...

More pix-ies of Sunset & ME durin our 'playtime'!!!

My Majesty tryin to climb on board...

MY Majesty on board!!

I felt so hungry... I wasn't tryin to eat her... really!!

MY Majesty thought I had designs on her!!!

& SHE had to go pull my beardy.......... :(

okok time for u to go home. play's over...

ok play's over & my mission of sendin Sunset back is smooth

I tink im in love with her............................ im so confused, am i a birdy? or a doggie? Actually I kinda love my Chinchillas & Guinea Pig too... & a few of those cats downstairs. Oh sheesh.... am I a cross of EVERY species???

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Carryin my Goddess, Sunset!

Mom has been tryin to get my Goddess, Sunset to stay still on MY back! I'm like her 'transporter', 'carrier', watever u wanna call it.............

I was sooo happy wit this idea!!! that way, I can carry Sunset everywhere I go knowin she's safe on my backie!!

"u safe up there from the evil white one eh??"

this is the White One in her truest EVIL form... now ya noe y i gotta protect my Goddess???

Anyways, back to ME & MY GODDESS...

I'm her slave...

now my Goddess, lets smile for the camera.....

U noe wat? I RAN for my treats!!! & my Goddess lost her balance on me & fell!!!!! So I got so worried..... then I finally get the idea... that i cannot move much wen im carryin my Goddess. So, Mom put my Goddess on my back again & I juz decided to stay put! Its dangerous.... I dowan my Goddess to fall!!!

(M: ur were soooo super silly & cute!! u shld've seen urself in a mirror lol!)

Our Water Fountain!!!

Tonight, we saw a big big huge thing Mom carried in..... I tot it was a thing for us to pee pee in. But then, Mom proceeded onto washin that thing... why would she wash it if it were for my pee pee?

So apprently, it wasn't................ It's for us to drink drink from it. Our fountain is filled up with Diamond Water.

Read more bout it @: DRINKWELL PET FOUNTAIN

It looks bit scary.........i dunno when i'll get used to drinkin from there......... its like a big home-waterfall.

(M: Because stagnant water tends to have build-ups of bacteria, this is a better choice as water is always bein filtered constantly, providin fresh & coolin water. Yes, I even drank from it myself. Altho' we were already usin filtered water (on their yogi bowl) before. This holds bout 8litres of water in the "reservoir" @ the back. Thus, I'd only need to refill water prolly like once every week or so. & no, I didn't import it, I got it thru a friend... who sold it to me @ a much cheaper price..... Ok, i've gotta go teach the bitches how to drink from it now... ;p )

Cleanin Kit Accessories

filters packs

Another good water fountain is Dogit (for large dogs)

Update (2011) :
Our Drinkwell fountain's still working very well after four years.


Our Organic Home-Made Yogurt (Click this)

1st & foremost, our home-made yogurt contains PROBIOTICS (listed in our website) purchased from a reputable local health-store. We ADD the probiotics powder into the organic milk before the milk is left to be fermented in the yogurt machine. So, yogurt IS probiotic in this sense since probiotics have been added into it. It's NOT plainly made of milk & nothin else.

An update on the different (brands & types) of Organic Milk used for our Home-made Yogurt, dependin on availability.

Organic Valley Fresh Milk (Reduced Low Fat)

Organic Valley Fresh Milk (Whole Milk)

Organic Valley Fresh Milk (Low Fat)

Organic Valley UHT Milk (Whole Milk)

Organic Valley UHT (Low Fat Dairy Milk)

True Organic UHT Milk

True Organic UHT Milk (Low Fat)

Mom got a Yogurt Maker Machine for us. Becuz our organic yogurts are expensive... & she reckoned its takin a toll on her pocket juz for the yogurt alone & worse thing is... they're not always in stock. So we hadn't had any yogurt for a couple of days...

It's very very very ez to make usin this simple machine. Just add the bacteria into the milk, dats it. It would also lessen the cost of the yogurt already. & its better too... more nutritious u can call it. Becuz the longer the yogurt is kept, the more bacteria it will lose..... thus, those commercial ones... may not be as gd as our home-made ones tee hee..

Mom's 1st go @ it was a FLOP! Maybe the Goat's Milk she used has a lower lactose level... only 4.1g per 100ml. U need a milk dat is very high in lactose level. so, it was a total flop....... it didn't firm up..... BUT.... mom did let us hav a go @ it before throwin it away.

After that, she went to get another brand of milk.... & it turned out relatively ok.... here's a pic of it:

after bout 16hrs... u get 1 litre of yogurt

sorry, the 'hole' u see above... ended up in my tummy already.....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Organic dried Burdock Root

The organic shop FINALLY brought in this herb FOR US as its pretty high in demand here recently by some consumers. Mom adds this with our organic veg & blends them all together (6 days ration)

This is Organic dried Burdock Root, which primary medicinal activities are:

- Blood Cleansin
- Liver & Gallbladder stimulant
- Diuretic
- Nutritive

2.5ounces (70.87g) of fresh burdock root contains up to 61mg of calcium, 77mg of phosphorus, 1.4mg of iron, 0.03mg of thiamine, & 0.05mg of riboflavin.

(M: This is a very safe herb for dogs. Gd for Skin & Liver. Burdock helps clean the body from inside out. It also has free-radical scavengin qualities in the liver, thus weedin out carcinogenic elements before cellular damage can occur.)
It is also gd for dogs with dry/flaky skin problems. Also used in holistic treatment of arthritis, rheumatoid disorders, inflammatory kidney & bladder disorders & any type of metabolic disorder dat may be the result of poor elimination & diet. Addin to all this is a diuretic action that helps in the elimination of waste materials from the body.

Organic Dried Burdock Root

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Eg. of Current Raw Natural Diet

Just for the record, this is what our current Raw Natural Diet looks like:

Home-Made Yogurt in mornin on empty stomach. Followed by this in the afternoon:

Variety of muscle meats (60%) + (beef) offals (10%) + organic raw blended Veg (30%) topped with: organic eggshell powder for Calcium (mix into "healthy powder") + organic supplements (eg, spirulina - a POWERFUL food so watch the intake, blackstrip molasses, wheatgrass powder, celtic seasalt (all these added into blended organic veg + organic herbs), + Healthy Powder concoction.

Fruits are given separately for us. Only Meats + Vegs can be given together.

The above is abt 2% of my bodyweight. Muscle meats, offals, organic eggshell powder & organic veg are all calculated accordinly to Cal : Phos content. (M: Might not be exactly, but close to @ least)

Our poopoo is even lesser than our previous BARF diet! by almost half. We only poo once a day now & I tink... I didn't poo much @ all.. like juz 2 small lil' things droppin outta my nice butt. 'Bout a thumb-size of poo once daily. Usually in the mornins now. But Mom will continue to observe further & hope it stays this way. It juz means that most of wat we eat, are all 'absorbed'.

If any of you guys DO NOT & REFUSE to eat blended veg on its own, plz ask ur mom or dad to blend the meats/offals together with the veg.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Local Goat's Milk

Mom ordered Goat's Milk from Hay Dairies. This is mainly for the hoo-mans. However, it is also the only milk that is very gd for dogs besides dog's milk. Cow's Milk or any commercial milk for dogs are not as good. Why?

Becuz Goat Milk is known to be more easily digestable than cow's milk. It contains more essential fatty acids (EFAs). Also, note the differences in the protein level. Cal : Phos for goat milk is 0.19g : 0.27g.

I don't think we'll be gettin much. Mainly as a treat thing. Becuz I heard Mom sayin that she wanna drink it all..........

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

RAW Wild Kangaroo Meat, other Meats, Organic Vegs/Herbs & Tonics etc... (Change of diet from a Bonemeal to Organic Eggshell Powder)

Woofie! Mom made an almost complete change to our diet again. 1st of, by replacin our bonemeal with organic eggshell powder instead. Our previous diet is this (lotsa bonemeal involved). As you know, 1 teaspoon contains 1800mg of calcium. Thus, after much manual calculation of our dietary nutritional value of 4% food for us each daily, from blended organic veg + muscle meats + offals, organic eggshell powder will be used to fill up watever calcium is lackin from there, which is roughly 1/10.5 of a tsp for each of us per day. Calcium : Phosphorous ratio - 1.2 : 1 (for us)

Each of us gets bout approximately 150-170grms of foods daily, 2.5% of bodyweight. 60% Meats, 30% blended Veg, 10% Offals.

Wild Kangaroo Meat (there's currently NO farmed kangaroos, so it is somewhat considered organic). (Mom: It is also said it's best to freeze wild kangaroo meats for @ least 6 months)

one of aussie's Game meats... Frozen Wild Kangaroo Loin Fillet. 752g @ S$25.75. 1kg @ S$34.24


1) Aussie Wild Kangaroo Meat
2) NZ Venison
3) US Cornish Game Hen
4) Aussie Poussin (Game Hen)
5) NZ Lean Beef Cuberoll
6) Aussie/NZ Beef Bulgogi/Sukiyaki or Shabu Shabu
7) Aussie/NZ Mutton Sukiyaki
8) Boneless Chicken Breast/Thighs
9) Kurobata Loin (Taiwan Black Pig)
10) Pork Shabu/Sukiyaki
11) Chilean Sea Bass
12) Norway Salmon Fillet
13) Salmon Belly
14) Saba Fillet
15) "Meat-Dust"
16) Whole Duck
17) Boneless Duck Breast
18) Free Range Lamb Shanks

19) More Exotic/Game Meats & Offals comin up soon!

Everythin below r all eaten in its RAW state... what u see are all dat goes into our tummy! NO form of heat-processed treatment to the meats such as cookin etc...

Wild Kangaroo Meat

US Cornish Game Hen

how cute it is! S$3.96 for 1 (hens r fed on Corn which explains the color)

Poussin (Aussie) also a Game Hen S$10 (more vids & pix here)

juz slightly bigger than the Cornish Game Hen

Meat-Dust. Combination of EVERY meat in the factory cut by the machinery. $2.14 for 3kg

NZ Venison

Lean Beef Cuberoll

Beef Bulgogi

Beef Sukiyaki

Beef Shabu Shabu (Stirloin Cut) $6 per 500grms (same as above in amount)

Beef Tongue

Beef Hearts

Mutton Sukiyaki

Aussie Mutton Cubes

Free-range Lamb Shanks 3 pieces @ SGD$23.30

Cheaper Lamb Shanks

(2 pieces, 400-450g each) Boneless Chicken Breast Meat. S$7.17 per kg

Boneless Chicken Thigh (1 piece, Front) S$7.17 per kg

Boneless Chicken Thigh (1 piece, Back)

Whole Duck S$6.10 per kg

Boneless Duck Breast S$18 per kg

Kurobata Loin (Taiwan Black Pig)

Pork Shabu (500g S$6)

Chilean Sea Bass (which explains y its far more ex than wet market ones)

Salmon Belly (front) 500g $7

Salmon Belly (Back) [look how fresh it is!]

Salmon Fillet
Salmon Fillet - Cut into 4 smaller pieces (Front)

Salmon Fillet (Back)

Saba Fillet (Back)

Saba Fillet (Front)

White Dory Fillet (Mom: this is for the humans as its not a deep sea fish... not the bitches)

For Offals:


1) Beef Offals

2) Duck Liver

Beef Lungs

Duck Liver

Then u calculate what each meat offers, Calcium & Protein level... balance up with Organic veg + Offals + Organic eggshell powder.

Total amt of meats + organic veg = approximately 220grms to 250grms daily

Yogurt will be Home-Made Yogurt for us. Given on empty stomach daily.

(M: i didn't go so into the nutritional values b4, as i was feedin a bonemeal which is relatively difficult to try to attain a balanced Cal : Phos ratio. With an organic eggshell powder meal now, its much simpler)

Mom is also changin all our supplments... most are taken out except prolly Vit C... then replaced with those below.

here's where u can calculate up the nutritional levels of watever u wanna feed:

some pix:

Pure Honey & Bee Venom frm NZ. we get it daily!

how bee products benefit dogs (n humans) read Here

as its very Pure, its suppose to be eaten directly, NOT dissolved in water.

how it (Pure Honey) looks like. thick & gluey

another pure honey frm NZ

organic bee pollen (granules) Benefits: read Here

organic spirulina

organic blackstrap molasses (M: avoid 1st & 2nd process stage, get the 3rd which is blackstrap)

organic powdered wheatgrass to replace wheatgrass itself

pure Celtic Sea Salt

Organic Dill Weed

Organic Kelp Powder

Dandelion Leaf

organic veg

Now, our organic Raw vegs are blended once every 6 days.

Each blend is a total of 10+ different organic veg & herbs. Some examples of organic veg/herbs:

Kale, capsicum (yellow/red, as green already comes frm the veg), baby nai bai, baby dou miao, romaine lettuce, purple cabbage, legumes, beet root, parsley (english/chinese, seldom), alfalfa, wheatgrass (fresh/powder), baby carrots (seldom), broccoli (seldom), garlic, spirulina, wolfberries, burdock root, thyme, dill weed, etc.

Rotated on a weekly basis. Everythin's blended in small amounts of EACH veg/herb, thus, preventin over-feedin of certain veg. That's what most HCF-ers tend to do, by overfeedin on a particular veg (eg most famous r carrots & broccoli, these 2 are high in sugars, as well as uric acid respectively) everyday as you can't possibly cook 10 different veggies daily. By no means am I sayin to avoid carrots & broccoli forever. They've their nutritional values too like beta-carotene etc, juz be careful not to overload on the daily amounts as it'll add up to ALOT over-time on a daily basis.

"LESS IS MORE" is the theory we go by.

organic vegs r blended wit organic apple together

blend of 10+ diff raw organic veg + apple for a week (M: I ate a lil' of this juz now :p its nice!)

Weigh each day's amt & pack into separate ziplock bags or (glass) containers. Whichever's within ur means. If addin fruits into the veg blend, feed separately from Meats/eggs.

For me, I use a Air-Tight Glass Container:

Glass Lock

Store in Fridge (not freezer) ...

lastly, we've "Healthy Powder" (all dogs' formula) daily. 1 teaspoon each sprinkled onto raw foods. made up of organic nutritional yeast, canina bonemeal OR organic eggshell powder, organic kelp powder, organic lecithin granules, Vit C. (M: its very healthy for humans too. it smells gr8 im gonna mix with my own veggie later!)

Organic eggshell powder. a tinge of it is added into the concoction above

Some other stuffs Mom sourced out for us were:

organic Beet Root

organic carob powder

organic dried blue berries

(M: those tonics above are also meant for us humans consumption, & they're really gd for health. When amt is broken down over months, money spent on the bitches per mth is seriously a low $200 range. or @ times, below $100 dependin on the food sources & group etc. The oldest livin dog is a 29 yr old Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) if u didn't noe. How awesome!!

Closin note: thanx Aunty D !! :)