Friday, September 7, 2007

Crocodile Meal & All Foods RAW!!!

Today was a happy happy happy day for us! Mom bought home a crocodile for us to eat!!! yes.. a crocodile! (I wondered if she battled wit it...??)

(M: obviously I so did not -_- )

Croc hocks on MY bowl to be divided amongst us

As on the label...

Croc Tail Meat exposed...

Croc Tail Bones!!!! (its more boney than the hocks)

& that's what you call, a Crochie Meal! (wit some yogurt & alfalfa of cuz)

waitin.... to attack a croc.... (a dead one)

see how this psycho white bitch attacks hers??

im more gentle on my dear crochie...

Mom took a 10mins video of us whackin the croc. But I tink its too long to put up here.. so yea..

We also had some fish!!!

Salmon... w/o the spicy green thing there...

here's me usin the power of my eyes & paw to do their trick...

Mom dehydrated some Croc Tail Meat for us. U can view it over HERE


Just to share wit you guys some of the many raw gooey stuffs we get... here's a rough insight... Mom has switched all our veggies as well as some herbs to organic ones... becuz they're healthier... w/o pesticides & the veggies absorb more nutrients as they're grown organically.

Some organic veg like capsicums, parsley, lettuce etc

Beef Lungs

Grinded Veg with chicken hearts

End-result! YUMZZZ... for some herbs u can look HERE

a box of organic alfalfa sprouts...

which we'll have daily with our Paul's Natural Yogurt every noon with our grinded assorted veggies

then, @ mid noon we'll have our Bones & Meats!! these are chicken wing tips bone. P.S: Our Bonemeal is replaced by Organic Eggshell Powder now.

duck wings

Venison Meat

Lamb meat (younger goat)

Omasum (Cow's 3rd Stomach)

chicken breast meat


mutton (oldie goat)

Batang Fish


oxtail bones

chicken hearts & livers

#1, 2, 6 = Daily. #3, 5, 7 = Rotate. #4 = occasionally

some smooth smooth tofu

sometimes Mom likes to give us some 'leftovers' of these after they're boiled

cooked unsweetened barley

Very very occasionally, we'll get this in our foods. But Mom uses this more in our baths which is bout once every 3weeks

signin off!!

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