Saturday, October 20, 2007


What is Omasum, most of you would be wonderin? It is the cow's 3rd stomach. The more commonly known "Tripe", is the cow's 4th stomach. The cow has 4 layers of stomach. So thick eh! I wonder how many layers I have...

(Mom: Beef organs (stomachs, lungs, livers, kidneys) are considered the BEST amongst all other animals'. Hearts & Tongues are considered muscle meats, not organs. So, the gals r just gonna consume 200-250grms each of the beef stomach once a month for a day's meal, & no other organs are needed again for the rest of the month. ;P )

Thanx to Aunty D for helpin Mom get it today. Tripe wasn't available so we had to make do with Omasum which is superb too. All these are unbleached, which is very important as bleached tripe or omasum has zero nutritional value... so bitches & dogs, no point eatin bleached ones... The cattle over there are also very controlled... unlike the ones you get from wet markets... which are from M*******. (update: i'm so sorry but these are all bleached and washed as raw green tripe is illegal to be sold anywhere around the world due to its unbearable stench making it unfit for human consumption... that is unless you're a farmer, or live in rural areas where you can purchase them raw and fresh, directly from hunters. no point asking the sales people too as they really don't know anything and will just tell you they are raw like what they told Mom. A simple test would be to boil them and see if the color changes. )

Wanna see some Omasum?

prepacked Omasum! it looks like some cloth material...

oma-sum-sum on my bowl... pardon me but i juz love the word..

the back of my 'sum sum'

topped with supps: Vit C (wit digestive enzymes), fish oil & Vit E (for today)

It is already a balanced meal on its own w/o our RMBs (Raw Meat Bones) today... (oh we also had veggies in the mornin rdy). Mom has read up the analysis of tripe... & it is totally superb! one of the fav. raw stuffs many Caucasians love to feed their pooches with. Oh yea... U dun have to wash it too... Mom simply cut off all onto our bowls... topped wit our supps (for the day) & tada!!!

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