Monday, October 22, 2007

Sighs... & Yums

Today, our entire family - Mom, Dad, Grandpa & Grandma went shoppin WITHOUT us... again as usual. Well, from what smartie me noes, I tink we're BARRED, BANNED & SHUNNED @ shoppin malls, hoo-mans eatin places, & almost everywhere else in SG except desginated dogruns, farms, & dog cafes.

Yes, we'll be stared @ distastefully... or shunned... or worse, even our hoo-mans will be thrown outta the mall should we tag along... basically, yes its a CRIME for us to be anywhere else except those 'specially designated dog places'. sheesh!

Mom uses to always bring us together & eat as a family whenever they eat out. Now, the authorities are very strict bout this & the local ppl will complain by snappin pix @ sendin it to the online public media. So, Mom has since stopped bringin us whenever they go down for dinner.


Seriously? Seriously! I tink these rules are ridiculous! Mom can't bring us anywhere, since she doesn't like the idea of dogruns, nor designated dog pools @ dogFARMS... & can't unleash us @ local beaches (because its a CRIME to unleash a dog in SG, includin beaches & anywhere else). So Mom only brings us to dogcafes @ times when her wallet permits her to or simply... a gd looooong walk/run around our pathetic neighborhood.

Sigh... since they ALL went shoppin WITHOUT ME..... I guess its just logical & common sense for Mom to get somethin for us in return. Sooooo... since im sucha foooood maniac (& bird maniac as well), Mom got me some very very very juicy stuffs...... I saw these when they returned...

Japanese Green Pumpkin. This entire small piece will last us up to 1 to 1.5 weeks. can't eat too much or else we'll end up pooin ooooeeeyyy stuffs! but the flesh n seeds are definitely gd for our digestive system & prevents constipation

Mom 'dug' up some flesh & seeds for us. the seeds are to be grinded tmr with our veg. we eat the flesh n its absolutely YUM-MIE-LEE-CIOUS! (Mom: the seeds are sooo smooth they keep slidin off my fingers! its no wonder they serve as great lubricants)

organic new zealand apples (half the size of normal apples u get but cost twice the price), juz like our organic eggs also from new zealand. now i wish im stayin @ a farm in new zealand... sigh...

some extra information for u guys... oh i juz ate some, much sweeter n yummy than normal ones! (Mom: 1kg of 8 palm-sized apples @ $5.99. u go do ur math)

some organic honey cherry tomato? (Mom: it tastes HEAVENLY... i love it! the gals love it! 200grm @ only $1.80)

organic oranges for the family... which i tink i'll be given a lil' if i act well enuf...

I guess they're called Navel Oranges becuz they look like hoo-mans navels? Grandma said oranges with these 'navels' taste a whole lot better................. sweeter............. (Mom: 1.5kg 7 oranges @ $9.99!!! gosh!)

yipz, dats bout all! hopefully, the hoo-mans will now make a trip there every weekend... Mom hasn't tried the organic apples @ the shop below our house tho' (where our eggs n veg come from). Mayb we should one day.....................................

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